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AD MUSIC: E-Scape 2020

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Some pretty beautiful EM that can be heard everywhere, especially in the current context

1 Cloudburst (The Garwin Project) 5:45

2 Strands of Tranquility (Volt) 6:57

3 Shrine (Remix) (Ian Boddy) 9:20

4 Veni, Vidi, Lacrimavi (Carys) 5:50

5 Run Four (The Garwin Project) 9:20

6 House of Chimes (Robert Fox) 9:50

7 Sigh (Ron Boots) 8:20

8 Meltdown (Chill out Remix) (Code Indigo) 5:30

9 Kinematic Star (Volt) 6:55

10 Stars Dream on (David Wright) 9:00

(CD/DDL 76:47) (V.F.)

(E-Rock, England School, Melodious EM)

Like each spring since 2015, AD Music presents its E-Scape festival. And this festival had a special flavor for David Wright this year since the funds raised were intended for the organization MENCAP which helps people with serious learning problems. For David, this project is linked to Albania - The Korçë Project, an initiative to raise funds for poor children in Albania. And this project in 1995 was aborted for legal reasons beyond the control of AD Music. This year, COVID-19 was in the path of the English artist's good intentions. And there were big names on this year's E-Scape guest list. Volt, Robert Fox, Ian Boddy, Ron Boots accompanied the long-awaited return of Code Indigo, while 2 new names, The Garwin Project and Carys, completed this list of distinguished guests, of which the crowning of the event was the thing of David Wright. Never giving up, the one to whom we owe the superb Walking with Ghosts has invested deeply in asking his guests to participate to the making of the usual CD linked to the event, E-SCAPE 2020.

The compilation opens with a title that does more in progressive rock with a very Pink Floyd essence, Cloudburst by The Garwin Project. The guitar throws very good solos with David Gilmour aromas. As long as you'd think that it was him! The bass line weaves an enchanting rhythm of cosmic blues while the synth puts down bitter lines. A good title of progressive rock, while the second composition of the band, Run Four is an excellent England School which begins with a psychedelic-ambient approach before the sequencer comes out of silence some 4 minutes later. The flow is as sharp as the oscillations which flashed in its opening. A seraphic layer of voices welcomes this stationary rhythm which oscillates slowly in order to pour its rhythmic flow into some good cinematographic orchestrations. Between rhythm and its penchant for psybient, Run Four gave me the opportunity to meet an artist who seems interesting to me. I was talking about the expected comeback of Code Indigo, what about that of Volt who has given us nothing since A Day Without Yesterday in early 2016? Strands of Tranquility presents an ambient rhythm with sequences fluttering on the spot before following the harshness of percussions. The synth solos are splendid on this catchy rhythm which gradually melts to adopt the musical perfumes of the vintage years with a nice flute of the mellotron. Kinematic Star goes through all the phases of EM before overthrowing us in a solid electronic rock made in England where solos of synths and imitation guitar compete in an enthralling duel.

Ian Boddy offers a softer version of Shrine which on the other hand makes us hear delicious percussive elements. The rhythm is more inviting to a form of Electronica than heavy and vicious, as we have known in the splendid As Above So Below. But in the end, the two versions are a treat that are listened to one after the other with the same delight. I was a little scared at first, but in the end Veni, Vidi, Lacrimavi turns out to be a good ambient music title in a very sibylline vision. Carys' voice is quite captivating with these layers of moans of submission that float in symbiosis with its chthonian decor. Dark ambient with a seraphic voice? I like! Another great voice, this time out of a stunning voice sample, accompanies another unexpected return in that of Robert Fox (I had understood that he had hung his lecterns in the attic) with a long title in House of Chimes. Its intro is dreamlike with a melody played on a playful piano. However, a dark veil floats above it as the notes become like clock ticking and fascinating ticking. Carys' voice revives beautiful orchestrations where the clicking of cymbals immerses us in a cinematic approach that is intense in terms of emotions. Ron Boots! Ah the ineffable friend Ron is in great shape and offers a good fluty melody which exerts its charms on a hopping rhythm. This delicate approach transits to a more electronic second phase fueled by effects and synth solos. The percussions animate a third phase and its big electronic rock à la Ron Boots. Let's say that the flute has drawn its little earworm when it returns for the second charm tour of Sigh! Code Indigo didn't work that much by offering a remix of Meltdown which takes on the appearance of a David Wright's synth-pop & New Age title. And you will understand what I mean by listening to the lively and catchy rhythm of Stars Dream on which ends this E-SCAPE 2020 with a light touch, not too complicated and melodious. Like we like the music of David Wright.

E-SCAPE 2020 is really molded in the traditional style of the label AD Music with good electronic rock where the melodious New Age carves out an enviable place with more progressive structures, but not too much. Some pretty beautiful EM that can be heard everywhere, especially in the current context.

Sylvain Lupari (09/07/20) *****

Available at AD Music

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