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ALBA ECSTASY: Sublunary (2017)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

“In spite of his so numerous downloadable albums, Alba Ecstasy finds his way to seduce. The title-track of Sublunary is the perfect example”

1 Profane Path 8:31 2 The Third Choice 12:20 3 Sublunary 18:28 4 Immortal 4:24 Alba Ecstasy Music

(DDL 43:45) (V.F.) (Mix of Vintage, New Berlin and Roumanian Schools)

I always had a lot of difficulty finding any artistic credibility for those who produces the music at the same pace, or more or less, than a person can sneeze in period of allergy to pollen. And if I was a musician who works hard to produce a quality album, which sometimes can need more than 6 months even one year before being born, I would certainly be very frustrated to notice that I have confers who can arrive at the same result in less than one month of working. Last August, I the last 3 albums from received Alba Ecstasy which were released with one month of interval between each, among which this one; SUBLUNARY. Since then, 2 E.P. and 1 compilation have appeared on the Bandcamp site of Alba Ecstasy. I had already thrown this question in order to know if Mihail Adrian Simion, the man behind Alba Ecstasy, is as well talented as very prolific. The answer was yes, otherwise very close, because on each of his album you will find something which will charm you. Like here, on SUBLUNARY. And I had a crazy, almost guilty, pleasure during this sound excursion which was so much attractive for the ears than the very interrogative way of doing things by Mihail Adrian Simion…

Profane Path starts things up in a very good way! A good movement of dark and supple sequenced rhythm, like those of the vintage years, bites our ears and is driving a minimalist structure which supports good solos of synth drowned in a remote foggy tone. The beat, the music is very catchy, while the melody, which seems to us so far from the action, stays a scenic decoration. Alba Ecstasy puts everything here on the play of the sequencer, a 2nd line of a more melodious rhythm has already appeared, and electronic percussions to decorate a very good structure which will charm undoubtedly the aficionados of retro Berlin School. When Mihail Adrian Simion found his structure of rhythm, he gets dominant. If it was true for Profane Path, it is just as much for The Third Choice. This time the structure inhales the contemporary approach of Klaus Schulze with orchestrations and songs of synth which whirl around like leaves in autumn on a rhythmic structure in mode meditative trance. There are many effects on this pulsating rhythm which receives the support of good percussions and pulsations. From repetitive harmonies in mode nightingale to some hoarse reverberations, the synth weaves a rich decoration with harmonious structures which cross their heterogeneousness in a fascinating harmonious chassé-croisé while the minimalist approach of the rhythm goes subtly adrift towards a more stroboscopic phase.

The title-track is the happening of this album! Sublunary evolves with all the known secrets, and some unknown, of EM. Either a nebulous intro, a rhythm in wait with some uncertain sequences and harmonies which are just as much. This long title, strongly soaked in a Indra style, is built in a model of a sonic Tower of Babel where the shambles remains all the same rather coordinated. Arpeggios flutter in these ambiences, multiplying capers which roll on the carpet of the oblivion continuously. These moods are loaded of a metallic mist from where are squeaking singing exercises and sing incomplete arias of operetta. In this ambient tumult, we guess a rhythmic hatching when the orchestrations forge very moderate movements of staccato. And this rhythm arrives after the point of 5 minutes with percussive sequences which structure a motionless rhythmic rodeo. Electronic effects enrich this embryo of rhythm, while quite slowly this pattern of Indra's floating trance is flooded by an avalanche of manual percussions of which every load answers the other one. It is simply succulent to the ears and very magnetizing. And this effect of slow swiftness which bites our hearing quite early in the 18 minutes of the title seduced as much as a hypnotic trance which looks for a dramatic dynamic. Mihail Adrian Simion scatters then his synth solos and brings the emotions of this title towards a hearing pinnacle. The minutes pass with regret. And finally hoarse voices, like didgeridoo incantations, are dressing a finale which seeks for the comfort of a state of ambient music. A wonderful title which throws too much shadow to the liveliness of Immortal. A short, lively and effective title which should have been in 3rd position, before that Sublunary invades our ears which actually feel the need for a pause, if only to appreciate even more the last 18 minutes. A huge title in this other very good album from Alba Ecstasy who still finds this way to seduce in an artistic production of mass!

Sylvain Lupari (September 12th, 2017) *****

Available at Alba Ecstasy Bandcamp

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