• Sylvain Lupari

ALLUSTE: Digital Age (2011)

Updated: Jan 21

Digital Age is the meeting point between Baffo Banfi, Software, Klangwelt and Tangerine Dream

Digital I 5:32

Digital II 7:26

Digital III 8:12

Digital IV 8:31

Digital V 6:55

Digital VI 8:44

Digital VII 5:37

Digital VIII 9:50

Digital XI 7:59

Digital X 8:16

Alluste Music

(DDL 77:04) (V.F.)

(New Berlin School)

Here is a 4th opus from the Italian synth man Alluste that he entirely made of synth's software and plug-ins. The result is an album which embraces the cosmic rhythms of Software on sequenced impulses that will put a smile on the visage of Tangerine Dream's fans. A little as its title indicates, DIGITAL AGE is a good incursion in the digital world where melodies can sometimes have warm appearances.