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ALLUSTE: Trappist-1 (2017)

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

“Trappist-1 is a fine album from Alluste who masters very well the art of sequenced beats and their evolving facets”

1 Trappist-1 9:44 2 Seven Sisters 6:47 3 Aquarius 7:07 4 Dwarf Star 8:16 5 Panspermia 9:33 6 Habitable Zone 8:34 7 49 Light Years 6:36 8 Transmissions from Trappist 1st 5:10 Alluste Music

(DDL 61:50) (V.F.) (Berlin School) The bass sequences dance and circulate with fluids capers under effects of gas and vapors of gas. Lines of stroboscopic steams whip the oscillatory movement of Trappist-1 which keeps its momentum of electronic rhythm of a kind of Berlin School that Alluste resizes into an Italian School. Only the synth solos are missing and we are almost there! But Piero Monachello's universe is based on movements of sequences which crisscross, which pile up and which structure movements in parallels, in order to weave rhythmic crossroads with a debit as disparate as a road network of a mega-metropolis. That runs, that's in slow motion and that clears the path! At this level, the evolution is in harmony with Alluste's vision of rhythms and progresses on a more trance movement of the sequencer which makes flicker its keys swiftly in a decoration of mists and of misty layers. We find these patterns of evolving tempos on Aquarius and on 49 Light Years which go from slow to moderate in order to show more swiftness towards their finales. Thus, the movements are always of a variable fluidity, as rhythmic as harmonious, with effects of synth and variances in the tones of sequences, forging in this way a musical universe based on the diversity of rhythms and not on the development of ambiences. And it's how this 14th opus of the Italian synthesist goes. TRAPPIST-1 is a journey of sequenced rhythms proposed in 8 acts, all so attractive one of the other one…

There are moments of tenderness like Seven Sisters and its harmonious carousel which climbs towards the clouds with beautiful effects as well as a pleasant air from a synth which follows with delicacy this very nice ascent. The layers of sibylline voices are pretty and morphic, switching on a passion for this title which turns out to be a beautiful lunar ballad with a light rhythmic accentuation towards its finale. A beautiful symphony of Italian electronic romance! The same goes for the superbly well structured Panspermia and its splendid ambient rhythm which waves like a cosmic promenade beneath the charms of a very beautiful melody blown by a choir of feminine specters. The sequencer is in the tone with a sober line and another more melodic one. The enthusiasm for this track increases with another line of melody which makes rise and come down its arpeggios in counter-tone with another line of sequences which gleams like the songs of cicadas. A very good title which hooks us immediately and which adorns itself of new elements as the seconds flee. Dwarf Star proposes straight out a starved structure of rhythm with keys which promptly skip in a decoration of virginal atmospheres. Little by little, Alluste spreads his sonic painting to draw a beautiful soundscape soaked of misty drizzle, of organic effects and of hoops of which the nervous outlines draw a ghostly rhythmic. Another line of sequences feeds a strummed rhythm around the 3 minutes which soft layers of voices engrave of an abstruse ambience. The finale is more musical and more in the French electronic genre with effects of synth, including some short solos, and another line of more incisive sequences. Vapors and jets of vapors adorn the slow introduction of Habitable Zone of a veil of mysticism. A delicate movement of the sequencer makes dance two chords as in a ritornello a bit devilish. We can hear very dark breaths grumble in the background. And it's this delicate movement from the bass sequences which precede it that points out exactly to us this intriguing presence. Set up on a low flow of sequences, Habitable Zone pursues its mysterious path of intrigues and mysteries like a curious nomad who by-passes a village and of which the presence is noticed at the very end with this rhythm which gets rid of its heavy ambient coat to roll some capers. More fluid and more wave-like, Transmissions from Trappist 1st ends the album with a just as much mysterious presence. A little in the same vein as The Silence of Time, TRAPPIST-1 is a nice album, less romantic I would say, of Alluste who remains solidly well anchored in his repertoire. Even if the Italian synthesist evolves constantly but quietly, we can hear voices and murmurs in this album, he always remains faithful to his trademark; which is the massive use of the sequencer and of its charms in nicely evolving patterns of rhythm which always hook the attention of the sense of hearing. And for many aficionados of the genre, that's what matters the most! Sylvain Lupari (June 3rd, 2017) ***½**

Available at Alluste Bandcamp

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