• Sylvain Lupari

ALPHA LYRA: The Nude (OST) (2018)

“With The Nude (OST), Alpha Lyra brings to this film his most beautiful minimalist expressions with long and slow layers which adopt the body expressions of the dancer”

1 Theme from THE NUDE 20:36 2 Natalia 37:20 Patch Work Music

(CD 57:56) (V.F.) (Deep ambient music)

The slow synth layers come from far away! There is an anesthetic heaviness in this slow movement where synth strata whisper an abstract language. We hear strange squeaks on these oblong winged movements from a synthesizer in mode; music for relaxation. Alpha Lyra has always favored an ambient music approach. Modeled in the essences of Klaus Schulze floating music, Christian Piednoir's music transits through a universe of lyrical ambiences where the poetry of words is sculpted by a sensitive approach which always finds its way to our inner mind. THE NUDE OST