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Alpha Wave Movement Architexture of Silence (2013)

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

A good ambient album where the morphic rhythms dance in harmonious sequenced cascades

1 Movement I 12:04

2 Movement II 12:56

3 Movement III 12:21

4 Movement IV 10:18

5 Movement V 14:11

(DDL/CD-r 61:53) (V.F.)

(Pacific School)

It's with synth breezes irradiating like objects of desire floating in suspension between two wind-powered corridors that opens ARCHITEXTURE OF SILENCE. We hear celestial birds playing the enchanted flute and opaline voices singing over these breaths become of crystalline clouds which drift such as sighs of ether, pushed that they are by abstruse silences. Contemplative, the intro of Movement I builds itself up by tones of glasses which ring like fragments of incomplete harmonies fluttering into winds slowly caressed by immersive Mellotron waves. Gurglings are rising far behind these clouds of drizzle, rolling in loops over celestial dusts. We arrive around the 6 minutes and the gurgles become riffs and the riffs switch into imaginary percussions where the frenzied hits are rising and falling within the complex architectures of silence. These sonic elements forge a passive rhythm which couples to soft sequences of which the hatched knocks are crumbling a sceptical rhythm which is slowly swallowed by an armada of mists, waves and floating layers of a synth and its slow forsaken tears.

I like the music of Alpha Wave Movement. With its delicate floating structures, where synth lines to colors more panoramic than psychedelic are intertwining in a strange euphony, and its soft movements of harmonious rhythms which parade in Indian way beneath breezes perfumed by a bucolic melancholy, the music of Gregory Kyryluk reminds me vaguely that of Steve Roach. ARCHITEXTURE OF SILENCE, a strange wink of eye by the way to Steve Roach's Structure from Silence, is the 18th album from the American synthesist. Gregory T. Kyryluk details in 5 long movements there, where we can also make a link with Vangelis' Soil Festivities, which evolve quite slowly, according to the same precept Movement I, from emptiness up to the soft kicks of the fine sequences which flow in cascades. An album which not only is inspired by the silent works of Roach but which also pushes the reflection on the silence and its torments.

Shaped in the delicacy of the dreams, Movement II offers synth layers which hum a melody in stream which curls up in a ball into a brain hidden behind closed eyes. A hypnotic rhythm whispers to our ears to amplify its pace from the first moments of the second movement of the album. It's an innocent rhythm which waddles awkwardly and falls in the traps of an endless spiral. Swirling on arpeggios of translucent crystal, it hiccups of a soft docile tempo where it frees sequences in translucent tints which dance and dance in a fine cascade which goes down onto the bed of a brook waving like a hypocritical anaconda. This soft rhythm which enchants our neurons also plays with by disappearing to reappear in a structure which feeds on its quiet force. The synth layers roar in the resonances of cymbals with elytrons of blue steel, feeding a trance dance around a fire of which the rage to burn the firmament keeps ceaselessly increasing. A musical fire where the passive violence sings more that it clashes.

This intense and incredibly concentric movement, which will awaken Steve Roach's recollections for several, from which the structures come back with more mordant on Movement V leaves its traces all over the album where the voices of oracles fill the architecture of Movement III, which gives itself too to a rhythm finely drummed in a stupefying organic fauna, and the desert silence of Movement IV and its clarified arpeggios which roam in ethereal mists. Throughout its 5 movements, ARCHITEXTURE OF SILENCE offers a fascinating and attractive sound fauna of a surprising musical wealth for pieces of morphic ambiences. Movement V gets us out of our contemplative delight with an intro fill of synth strands which snivel with passion. One would say a waltz of synth tears which let slips fine drops of bitterness and of which the musicality kisses the passivity before forging a soft abstract rhythm that Vangelis had drawn in Soil Festivities. And quietly this rhythm becomes a whirlwind which spits some keys jumping in jerked cascade under the hits of tears from a synth with the groans dipped into steel. And Movement V to follow this tangent of rhythms with slender evolutions of which the crescendos throw themselves in cascades which parade single file getting ready to attack in an open-air desert. Fluid and furtive, these structures of rhythms cover themselves with a thick musical veil where the passive storms of the voices and the seraphic layers embrace the contemplative dews, uniting this fine link between musicality and its cacophonous duality. And it's the very great beauty of ARCHITEXTURE OF SILENCE; a beautiful soft and poetic album where the progressive rhythms spit cascades from which the violence of the jerks feeds the ferocity, the greediness of the nymphs of Aeolus to want to moderate the ambiences by caressing these torrents of morphic veils which sing the colors of rainbows. Try this ode to ambient rhythms. It's a magical jewel which will feed your ears and calm down your soul.

Sylvain Lupari (July 30th, 2013) *****

Available at Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp

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