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Alpha Wave Movement Echoes in the Vacuum (2017)

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

“A very good album where the kind of Electronica stays at the service of AWM's music”

1 Herzschlag des Universums 6:46 2 Other Worlds 6:48 3 Luna Lamentabilis 6:27 4 Akasha 5:26 5 Garden of Memories 7:00 6 Solina Spaceways 6:21 7 Safe Journey 7:17 HRR170909 (V.F.) (CD-r/DDL 50:18) (Soft Electronica, EDM)

When he sent me his last album, Gregory Kyryluk had warned me; ECHOES IN THE VACUUM is not a usual album in the style of Alpha Wave Movement. And it's quite a change my friends that Gregory has taken here! In fact, a name to be held in order to understand better this bend; Robert Schroeder! The very famous German musician is second to none to jump from a style to another while maintaining those fine links that identify his name to his new orientation for the time of an album. Exploring completely unexpected styles in a musical aestheticism which breathes that of AWM, Thought Guild and even Open Canvas, in particular for the delicious Akasha, Gregory Kyryluk proposes here a little jewel which seduces with a twist towards a not too audacious Electronica, where the flavors of Gregory's serenity are floating all over these structures that left me open-mouthed.

And Herzschlag des Universums doesn't waste too much time before we wonder if we really are listening to the music of AWM! In a meshing of sequences in mode Dance Music and percussions in mode Techno, the rhythm is also jerky and lively as the steps of a cat dancing with its reflections in a mirror. I hear guitar riffs dragging here and there, while the synths throw circular effects and orchestral harmonies worthy of the more contemporary years of Disco. These effects of Dance style are dragging among Thought Guild's cosmic effects style. In brief, a pure title of dance music! Do I like? In small doses … With a very mesmerizing bass line and fat sound effects full of copper-colored reverberations, the Groove of Other Worlds sounds like some very good Robert Schroeder. Especially with these rolls of percussions which add a little something very attractive to a music that remains softly draped by nice foggy and orchestral layers. That I liked! I also like the rhythm of Luna Lamentabilis which is slightly more livened up, but which is also decorated with a very beautiful glass melody. Simply splendid, Akasha is a Hindu dance hymn with a very good Sitar on a semi stroboscopic and semi funk structure. This rhythmic approach has a rage for an alternative rock style. The Sitar, the percussions, the bass and the Indie effects are simply remarkable here. A huge title that extends its shade almost everywhere on ECHOES IN THE VACUUM. Even if Garden of Memories attracts us towards a good mixture of Lounge and down-tempo built on a pleasant bass line and sieved by a piano as dreamy as that of Vangelis.

Moreover, the layers of voices and of orchestrations have here a touch of the Greek musician. The structure is very rich in its piles of voices and in its bluish mist. Even if it's always in movement, it remains in its ambient Electronica envelope. Sequences are tinkling in a circular membrane, like a rhythmic melody played on a xylophone, while the bass line is doing magnetizing ravages, here and as everywhere in this album full of Electronica essences from Alpha Wave Movement. Solina Spaceways is another title that is very near of Robert Schroeder's Chill Out repertoire. The rhythm is hopping and lively with, as decoration, rush of orchestral layers which tumble like curtains zigzagging of their Dance Music vibes, accompanying some very crystalline arpeggios which draw a melody broken by the beat. Safe Journey is a nice cosmic slow dance with arpeggios which weave a circular melody, and, especially, a soft synth which cries here as if it was soaked in the fragrances of the Martenot waves.

In spite of an approach that risks to confuse his fans but can also attract new ones under false pretexts, unless Gregory Kyryluk has enjoyed the experiment to repeat it, ECHOES IN THE VACUUM remains a very good album where the kind of Electronica, quite soft but animated by lively rhythms, stays at the service of Alpha Wave Movement's music. Throughout its 46 minutes we feel the imprint of Gregory Kyryluk on these new rhythms. And this is like the multiple sonic explorations of Robert Schroeder! And if it's good for Robert, it's good for Greg! In as much as the aestheticism and the passion are there! And it's downright the case with this ECHOES IN THE VACUUM, Hem, that I like this title…

Sylvain Lupari (October 29th, 2017) ***¾**

Available at Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp

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