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Alpha Wave Movement Harmonic Currents (2015)

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

This is a deep ambient album of which the music floats between the somber phases of Roach's Immersion series and the charms of the splendid M'Ocean

1 Harmonic Currents 30:08 2 Nautilus Dream 30:02 Alpha Wave Movement Music (CD/DDL 60:10) (V.F.) (Ambient music)

When Gregory Kyryluk sent me his last album, he took care of inform me that HARMONIC CURRENTS was going to be very different from what he is used to offer us. Usually, the music of Alpha Wave Movement passes in transit between rhythms and atmospheres which are very near an astral serenity. And if Gregory Kyryluk wants to make in the big cosmic rock, he reinvents his signature with the project Thought Guild. Otherwise, his music is made of silk and very enveloping. Thus, why I would be surprised at the listening of this album? Because it is hyper quiet! Inspired by the fathomless mysteries of the oceans and their depths as much fascinating as intimidating, as the borders of the cosmos, HARMONIC CURRENTS is an ode to this universe where the blue turns to black. Like the light of the eyes, like the threads of life. In a sonic adventure which reached the peak of lyricism such as in Michael Stearns' M'Ocean, Gregory Kyryluk plays one's cards right with two long structures where the sensation to be swallowed by the depths of the oceans is clearly tangible.

The introduction of the long title-track buries our thoughts with a multitude of waves which roll over the assizes of the serenity. Voices of mermaids float with slow hummings of which the fragile acuteness is submerged by darker tones. It's the fight between refulgence and its darkness that guides the first feelings of Harmonic Currents. The grave vampiric waves are like threats which sneak between the multitude of the surges from where tinkle the scarlet colors of the deeps. Alpha Wave Movement brings us in the depths of the harmonious eddies where the water and its vitriolic oxygen is the absolute master of our emotions with a threatening presence which is more stifling than ethereal. The suction towards the ocean bank continues its unstoppable voyage up until a more twinkling vision where the translucent reflections of the sun dance with our hypnagogic state. These oceanic depths have the same colors as those of M'Ocean and their reflections dance like a static cloud of aquatic fireflies of which the prism of their harmonies is absorbed by a choir of virginal sirens that try to calm our senses. Built around the same atmospheric pattern but less sibylline, and maybe even a little more musical, Nautilus Dream exploits always this weight of the oceanic waves which entail us this time towards some clearly more ethereal territories with a finale and its ambio-oceanic elements which gather in a fascinating symphony where the door of the cosmos seems to us so much connected with the depths of the oceans. It's undoubtedly the peak of HARMONIC CURRENTS with this 2nd part of Nautilus Dream which ends with a finale multicolored of movements and of groans of which the sonic luster reaches a degree of intensity and of color of tones up to here unknown my ears. It's powerful, enveloping and even disturbing sometimes, with a strange soporific perfume as attractive than the Immersion series from Steve Roach, but with an element of sound prism as much enchanter of that of Michael Stearns in M'Ocean. A skillful mixture which transports us literally close to our dreams. I know this, to have experiment it.

Sylvain Lupari (February 5th, 2016) ***½**

Available at Harmonic Resonance Recordings Bandcamp

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