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ANDY PICKFORD: Adagiometry Vol. 1 E.P. (2016)

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

“When Andy Pickford goes cinematographic and classical music”

1 Adagiometry 1 4:18 2 The Line 7:20 3 Emerald Beach 7:57 AD181Dig (DDL 19:35) (V.F.) (Orchestral et cinematographic EM)

The movement is slow. Like an adagio among which the delicate synth layers which slowly get out of breath are wrapped up in sumptuous orchestrations. Adagiometry 1 sets the tone to this fascinating sonic booklets which the English label AD Music sells, in downloadable format only, for the most great pleasure of Andy Pickford's fans. In all, it's 5 volumes that Andy Pickford proposes and which will follow the air of time and the big comeback of this musician whose eccentricity is equaled only of his immense composer's talent. This series brings out the very film approach of the English musician and this floods our ears from the first seconds of Adagiometry 1. The arrangements are as well soft as heart-rending and the effects of emotional intensity follow the curve of a title which could very well be thought of as a classic piece of music, so much the effect of orchestration and the voices are well crafted. We have gooseflesh! If I understand well the sense of this ADAGIOMETRY Vol. 1, the music should follow this bend of semi slow rhythm which defines the emotional characters of music for films. Thus The Line is as much intense with its film approach which fits admirably be well with a movie about 1001 tales and legends of the Arab world. Here the approach is more electronic, more intense also, with layers of violins which are closer to a synth dimension that those in Adagiometry 1 who have a more acoustic tone. The chords of keyboard are rolling like those pearls that we make slip through our fingers, laying down a ghost melody which drowns itself in the heaviness and the slowness of the orchestrations effects. Intense and moving! The extremely melodious approach of Andy Pickford is more present in the very beautiful Emerald Beach. It's a nice cosmic slow dance with keyboard chords which pearl like those of a nostalgic piano in a music misted by melancholy. The level of emotionalism is as much pronounced as in the first two titles but with an electronic touch which is more elaborated than that of The Line. That gives me in fact actually the taste to throw me in Adagiometry Vol. 2. I'll soon write about it too! Sylvain Lupari (October 13th, 2016) ***½**

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