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ANDY PICKFORD: Adagiometry Vol. 2 (2016)

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

“Music to make shivers your soul? You can't have any better than this!”

1 Adagiometry No. 2 3:14 2 Asgard 6:44 3 Celandine 5:28 4 Time Enough 4:15 AD Music AD182 (DDL 19:44) (V.F.)(Orchestral et cinematographic EM)

I know! I made the promise to get back to you sooner about this fascinating series of 5 E.P. by Andy Pickford. The time missing and the numerous download albums which have arrived got me away from that goal. So here it is, I will offer you 2 criticisms from this Adagiometry series. When I write fascinating, I don’t want to mean about the dark or experimental character of the music, but rather about its very romantic aspect. So, following the precepts of the first volume, ADAGIOMETRY Vol. 2 proposes about 20 minutes of a music with soft perfume of romance. The approach remains always very cinematographic with points of emotionalism which make us raise the hairs of our soul. Adagiometry No 2 follows the orchestral bend of its young brother with a slow movement where the strings of violins and of cellos tear an apathetic heaviness with flutes and clarinets which caress the movement of a delicate aerial envelope. It’s kind of impossible to not like it, even if we are far from the phases of EM as such. And I don’t believe that it’s the purpose aimed by Andy Pickford anyway. In the Scandinavian mythology, Asgard is a domain situated in the center of the Earth. And it’s exactly there that Mister Pickford guides us with a wonderful serenade where a voice splendidly morphic and celestial as well as a nomadic guitar entail us in a beautiful harmonious duel. The piano is so delicate that its notes tremble like sheets falling from a frail oak. Kind of castanets decorate this wedding march with a scent of mystery. The slow march of Asgard follows its arch of emotionalism to dive into an intense poignant broth around at about the 5th minute, nailing even more our backbone to our armchair. There also our soul shivers. Things get to normal a bit with Celandine which is a good down-tempo flooded in luxurious arrangements of which the purpose is to make shiver our feelings again. The finale is a little bit abrupt, it looks like seconds are missing, but that remains a damned good little very pleasant title to hear. Time Enough concludes this 2nd part on the tales and mysteries of Andy Pickford with a darker approach which is as slow as Adagiometry No 2, except that orchestrations are less intense (although…) and except that the minimalist suite of the piano is adding a suspicion of mystery. A little 20 minutes of EM of this style? I take that anytime! Not complicated but very beautiful, ADAGIOMETRY Vol. 2 shows all the murderer power of Andy Pickford's music. Sylvain Lupari (October 25th, 2016) *****

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