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BLINDMACHINE & ASUNTAR: Cosmos in Your Mind (2017)

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

“This is an album which asks for patience and for curiosity with a good open mind from a listener who will be trapped in the core of Cosmos in Your Mind”

1 Drifted into Deeper Mars 12:30 2 Visions – Stigma 6:00 3 Neuronium 13:36 4 Sunrise On Mars 11:12 5 Sequential Flight 9:44 6 Event Horizon 13:36 GEN CD 043 (CD 66:38) ***½ (Abstract and Cosmic EM)

EM from Poland is doing magnificently well. Audacious and alive, it navigates between artists who handle the rudiments while insufflating a good dose of avant-gardism and even of psychedelic ambiences. The label Generator pl is the standard bearer of this movement by producing quality works which are always presented in a beautiful digipack set by a futuristic work which directs the listener to the proposed musical genre. Between Berlin School and an approach of ambient music filled by fragrances of Ashra and Jean Michel Jarre, COSMOS In Your MIND is a nice encounter between 2 artists at the antipodes who join in a surprising album which asks for some listening and of open-minded before being trapped by its charms. Even Me, who has quite enjoyed Pulse from Asuntar, I had to dig at the bottom of my drawer of tolerance. That says quite a lot about this odyssey all in tones and sounds where the Berlin School style seeks resolutely for its roots. Echoing Wah-wah immortalizes their monotonous dialogues at the opening of Drifted into Deeper Mars, a title composed by the tandem Blindmachine & Asuntar at the end of 2016. We dive into the spheres of cosmos with sequences which pound and skip with a tone ash-colored by cracklings. Without forging of dominant rhythm, this skeleton roams throughout an interstellar density and accentuates its presence as the title is crumbling its seconds. The elements of atmospheres are born from electronic beep-beep, from voices dimmed by an underground decoration, from reverberation of sounds and esoteric layers which float with good orchestral arrangements. Clearly in mode cosmic atmospheres, Drifted into Deeper Mars shows a beautiful implosive nature which confers it a structure of a quiet intensity. Written by Asuntar, Visions - Stigma is a title of cosmic vibes loaded by resonant breezes and hollow winds from where roar voices from beyond the grave. A pulsation livens up the very anesthetic envelope of this interplanetary drift. Neuronium is the first title to have charmed my ears. Guttural electronic noises try to sculpt a dialect of intersidereal bugs in the vapor trails of a shuttle adrift. The pulsations which come are forging a pulsating beat which will remain always still while the synth layers float and crisscross their harmonies as in those which revolve in the title Echo Waves from the album @shra released in 2008. Effects of vocoder and electronic noises add the Neuronium touch to a title which gains enormously to be discovered until its end. Sunrise On Mars is another good title with its slow and hypnotic rhythm which dances lasciviously under the slow caresses of synth filled to the top of Oriental fragrances. The track stays boosted of sound effects, layers a little more in the shape of threatening drones and of uncertain sequences, giving a surrealist painting which gets some more of depth with a voice of an astral mermaid. "Sequential Flight" is more on mode Jean Michel Jarre with a lively structure of rhythm, kind of P' Cock in House in the Storm, on chords a la Jarre and effects of Rendez-vous, in particular for the cosmic atmosphere and the Laser Harp. COSMOS In Your MIND ends this first collaboration of Blindmachine & Asuntar with a structure of cosmic moods composed by Blindmachine. It's a concert of effects which are propelled by cosmic winds. An approach more avant-gardist than everywhere in COSMOS In Your MIND, a work which asks for patience and for curiosity. Two elements which will be rewarded by the core of an album conceived by 2 musicians who have the boldness to take genres of Berlin School and Koshmik Music out of their comfort zones. Sylvain Lupari (September 19th, 2017) ***½**

Available at Generator pl

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