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BRENDAN POLLARD: Flux Echoes (2007)

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

This is a solid EM opus weaves in pure analog which explodes with a good intensity to form wild and sustained rhythms

1 Flux Echoes 21:48

2 Radiant Transmission 30:00

3 Phosphore Skyline 17:48

4 Torque 3:48

(CD/DDL 73:24) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

Cosmic or cerebral journey, the music of Brendan Pollard irremediably touches the senses. For FLUX ECHOES, the magician of the analog plunges us back into the nebulous meanders of a phosphoric EM coming from underground gutters and their vibrating stalactites which perfume the ambience with an exceptional sound density.

The long title-track begins with the reverberations of organic sounds from a strange amphibian world. The sound is soft and flooded with spectral choirs on a slow and sensual bass. It shakes on sinuous waves which rock a dark and tender sea of tranquility. Early on, the ambient noises flutter with concern, crushing our loudspeakers with a happiness that awakens our first passion for sound forms. Brendan Pollard doesn't invent the wheel. He just improves what has existed. What stupidly ceased to be. He pushes the exercise further and presents us with what the music of Tangerine Dream could have been. What EM should have been in those years where the MIDI tones have invaded this art for ears. Around the 6th minute, a superb sequence with echoing pulsations twirls with agility and transports us to the gates of a constantly boiling sound universe where sequences and movements intersect on bursts of cymbals. A loud journey which visits the phases of an eroded core to get polish on beautiful and majestic mellotrons blowing poetic odes. Radiant Transmission goes direct in oscillating sequences mode with multiple crisscrossed hammerings. A long epic track in the heart of an analog jungle where the armor of the rhythms collides on sustained movements which are drowned in choirs with spectral mists that a heavy and dense mellotron makes more ethereal. Sumptuous synths tear this musical opacity of symphonic breaths, imitating to perfection the Mephistophelic trumpets which want to invade a fragile sound constellation. Roaring, the first 18 minutes are of a heavy constancy on an infernal rhythm. An atmospheric passage, with disturbing metallic resonances, pulls the movement towards a mellow finale where the groovy style of the sequencer becomes impregnated with subtle synth solos and this mellotron which gives us so much auditory pleasure. Sweet, Phosphorus Skyline soaks in an amber ambience. Psychedelic phosphoric breaths stir floating waves towards a heavy end guided by a sequencer and its ephemeral gallops. Just what it takes to revive the hot ashes of an intro with gelatinous movements that get dry on a nice piano passage. A sober and melodious finale. An aspect that Brendan Pollard could exploit a little more. Torque is boiling on a sterile spiral where the thousand vapors of a compressed eruption hold their breaths.

I love Brendan Pollard's style and music, just as I have enormous respect for his music approach. And FLUX ECHOES easily explains the reasons. It's a solid EM opus that boils and explodes with a good intensity. The English synthesist clearly shows that the pure analog, his equipment is all analog, can be combined with wild rhythms. And this even in the darkest corners of music with psychedelic aromas. In the context of a vinyl album, FLUX ECHOES is this kind of opus that will be listened to the same way we listen to Stratosfear and Phaedra; with delight, despite the years that separate us. In addition to the standard edition, this latest Brendan Pollard's is also available as a very limited special edition with bonus tracks. This shows that all Pollard's potential is coming out of his ears… to get to ours.

Sylvain Lupari (October 9th, 2007) *****

Disponible au Brendan Pollard Bandcamp


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