• Sylvain Lupari

Caldon Glover Labyrintia (2022)

Updated: Nov 18

You like when the music fades away and gives way to blood-curdling atmospheres?

1 The Door in the Unnamed Tower 8:13

2 A Cyclopean Plexus 7:56

3 Summoning the Cartographer 8:46

4 The Birth of the Bull of Knossos 9:26

5 Our Golden Throats Open to the Firmament 8:58

6 The World at Large is a Shrine 8:01

7 For Orcus 7:58

Cyclic Law Music

(CD/DDL 59:21) (V.F.)

(Dark Ambient)

Do you like it when it's dark and tenebrous? When the music fades away and gives way to blood-curdling atmospheres? Imagine yourself in a cemetery with a microphone so powerful that it even captures those sounds that rats make when they crunch a bone that has been dead for a decade. That's LABYRINTIA! Caldon Glover is what we call a sculptor of sounds and of sordid ambiences. The musician and sound engineer likes to carry his recorder around and capture the sounds that enrich his works, all tinted of black steel. After nearly 20 albums of Dark Ambient electronic music, the musician and sound designer from Arizona, Steve Roach's homeland, lands on the Cyclic Law label. This label from France, specialized in gothic, dark and chthonian music, is right in the palette of sounds that Caldon Glover likes to render. Equipped with rudimentary instruments, he admits to having very little financial means, he tries to get maximum effect out of his minimal equipment. He creates what he calls headphone music for solo listening in any situation. He made a notable appearance at the 2021 SoundQuest Fest, here's the link to watch the video on YouTube, with music that is far less voracious to the ears than on this LABYRINTHIA. On this album, Caldon Glover extends the domains of his universe full of tones in tune with a music of industrial ambiences as purely dark, where our ears are assailed by a plethora of muffled explosions, ominous cracks, imposing roars, whispers and many other effects skilfully constituted of an overflowing imagination of creativity for his passion of darkness. In short, a panoply of sounds and effects that depict soundscapes bordering on the sordid.

A wave of woosshh and winds as hissing as buzzing open The Door in the Unnamed Tower. Already, suspicious cracklings invade the ears, as well as this impression of murmurs which hold our senses, so much the winds whisper with vehemence. Some synth layers rise like in a gothic horn effect calling the warriors to regroup. Various beatings shake up the ambiences and make chimes twirl whose gyrating tinkling tries to create an illusion of rhythm. The track migrates towards shamanic atmospheres a little after the 5th minute. It is a synth wave that makes the introducti