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CAN RÀBIA: Cançoner Electrònic vol.1 (2021)

A little 15 minutes that made me relax, even if the music is strong and very exciting

1 El toc de queda 0:46

2 El Riu 2:52

3 Les Abelles 4:20

4 Latino Pangolin 3:09

5 U-Bahn L10S 3:12

(DDL 14:21) (V.F.)

(Motorik Beats)

Sometimes, it's good to turn off the neurons! To listen to a music that just wants to be heard without complexity, without torturing our brain. This is what Can Ràbia proposes with its second E.P. CANÇONER E LECTRÒNIC Vol.1. I know! Usually I don't review E.P.'s, except of course the artists who already have a review on the site. And why Can Ràbia? Because this E.P. can be played in loops without annoying you and it's possibly the best of the Kraftwerk imitators.

Let's skip over the 46 seconds of El toc de queda that spreads a sound mass full of buzzes, organic rattles and composite tones that ends like the starting shot of El Riu. Big juicy rock sitting on some good percussions and a bass whose pulsating jolts give us fire to the feet. The melodious aspect is laid down by these layers which screws us a good and indelible earworm, followed by a line of voice reciting tuttetutt until the return of the layers. In spite of its restricted time envelope, El Riu surprises us with a 3rd chorus that flows with melodious synth wings. We are already hooked on the first listen. Les Abelles offers a slower flow, like some Senor Coconut covers. We are in old Kraftwerk with a dystopian ballad whose charm lies in the old tones and vocal effects buried in caning. Simplistic percussions playing and percussive effects are the perfect carpet for this old organ line that wavers with a charming accent. Latino Pangolin puts those voices back between our ears on a beat whose Latin essence hangs on an acoustic guitar playing. The rhythm is still catchy under a mix of layers with Autobahn years tones. U-Bahn L10S concludes this seductive E.P. with a furious rhythm for headbangers, always with this tone that could have been the one of Kraftwerk, like Neu!'s.

A little 15 minutes that made me relax, even if the music is strong and very exciting, because it is simplistic, catchy and hyper-catchy. CANÇONER E LECTRÒNIC Vol.1 by Can Ràbia!

Sylvain Lupari (October 6th, 2021) ***½**

Available at Can Ràbia Bandcamp

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