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COSMIC HOFFMANN: Electric Trick (2005)

No matter the musical entity, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock constantly surprises with this unique sound forged in this lyrical duel between guitar and mellotron

1 Timeshift 8:34

2 The Gate of Bihar 6:03

3 Sehr Mystisch 5:48

4 Indian Bliss 11:40

5 Space Pioneers 6:41

6 Floating in Time 5:31

7 Nebelwald 7:58

8 Further Beyound the Galaxy 9:27

9 Carina Cygnus 7:24

(CD-r/DDL/Spotify 69:19) (V.F.)

(Berlin School, PsyCosmic Music)

Timeshift begins with a spatial intro powered by a guitar with floating chords. Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock's six-string is plaintive and gets intertwined with the modest breezes of a discreet synth. A heavy and powerful sequencer seizes this ethereal veil to create a rhythm which swirls furiously while the guitar unrolls a spiral with loops caressing these ambiences which awaken the agile lines of a synth become furious. This nice exchange between the synth and the guitar, initiated by a sequencer which pushes an animated bass line, is akin to the enveloping strata of the mellotron which secures the Timeshift finale in atmospheric meanders. A finale where Pink Floyd's muddy guitar, in their psychedelic period, tickles our memories. A furious and intense title which starts an opus in a very good way. ELECTRIC TRICK is the 4th album of Cosmic Hoffmann, the man behind Mind Over Matter; Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock.

It's an opus that combines heavy rhythms built on furious sequencers, creating hypnotic loops, to quieter and more floating titles. Like The Gate of Bihar which shows Klaus' skills on mellotron. This ambient title floats in a tenebrous atmosphere, reminiscent of the heyday of Tangerine Dream with Phaedra . Percussion and sequencer keys turning in loops ring the first notes of Sehr Mystisch. A heavy wind from the mellotron blows on this hypnotic rhythm which rolls on dark multisonorous streaks in a rhythmic pattern that has become heavy and slow. Faster, Indian Bliss continues on another sequenced pattern in form of loops. The rhythm is dark and punctuated by intermittent chords of an ethereal and hesitant guitar which throws slight complaints throughout the first half. In the second half, Indian Bliss takes a more atmospheric turn where the guitar of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock furrows the atmospheres with a dense mellotron synth. Space Pioneers begins with voice samplings, reminiscent of the firing of space shuttles. And from the launch, the sound effects mix at a heavy and circular rhythm. The synth is heavy and launches strident strata in a static movement and surrounded by an intense sonic whirlwind where the synth, the mellotron and the guitar draw strident streaks which intermingle in a cacophony taking more and more a harmonious form. A heavy psychedelic-cosmic title! Our ears need the calm and relaxing Floating in Time to recover. A heavy mellotron envelops this muffled tempo in a lunar atmosphere where whitish streaks decorate an astral darkness. After the very atmospheric Nebelwald, Further Beyound the Galaxy delights with its electric sitar which rocks a subtle buzz metamorphosing into a cosmic breath. The guitar strata float in a frozen firmament which comes alive with the rhythmic streamers of the sequencer. This emerging structure embraces another psychedelicosmic phase with a nervous guitar that throws good solos accompanied by an enveloping synth on a rhythm that has become more and more agitated. A beautiful title on ELECTRIC TRICK which ends in the arms of Morpheus with the subliminal Carina Cygnus. A sweet title guided by a superb mellotron which reminds us that beauty can also be heard.

Whether with Mind Over Matter or Cosmic Hoffmann, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock constantly surprises with this unique sound forged in the lyrical heaviness of a mellotron which is sprinkled by a guitar with lively and strident strings. A unique music that immerses the listener in a multi-sound and psychedelicosmic world. Although difficult to tame when listening, ELECTRIC TRICK is an imposing album that will charm you by always diving further for its discovery. And like many, you will immediately succumb to titles like Timeshift, The Gate of Bihar, Space Pioneers and Further Beyound The Galaxy, which is not bad for a first listen. The other titles will also nest in the back of your ears, to finally understand that the enchantment for Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock is simply inevitable.

Sylvain Lupari (November 3rd, 2006) ***½**

Available at AD Music

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