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CRAIG PADILLA: The Light in the Shadow (2006)

“Light in the Shadow is a long title that evolves very slowly on a floating movement with a discreet synth and barely audible choruses”

1 The Light in the Shadow 63:33

(Ambient Music) (V.F.)

A new Craig Padilla album is always an event for ambient EM fans, one of the strengths of the American synth wizzard. At this level, THE LIGHT IN THE SHADOW is a success. As on Vostok, released in 2002, Craig Padilla proposes a single title lasting 63 minutes. The Light in the Shadow is a long title that evolves very slowly. A long floating movement on a discreet synth and barely audible choruses. Without rhythm, this long atmospheric procession evolves on an almost smooth linear movement. Only thin waves curl the musical line that emits vital signs when sound effects increase its intensity. A slight swirl shakes the relaxing structure with fine impulses of an aquatic universe that reminds me of vague moments spent listening to Michael Stearns sur M’Ocean. Very dense and molding, the synth impregnates this passage of beautiful intense layers that bite à full chords this very nice structure. The long journey of The Light in the Shadow survives the monotony, with beautiful sound waves that manage to shape a slight whirlwind. At the same time, a good spatial melody settles gently, bringing the wave effect closer, which opens up a swirling modulation around the 45th minute. The chords swirl slowly, giving off a melodious air with astonishing variations. A spiral movement where the chords and a multitude of melodious curls flutter on synth modulations that slowly fade on the delicate breaths of the opening.

THE LIGHT IN THE SHADOW is without a doubt one of the most calm and serene titles of Craig Padilla. A long, atmospheric kermesse where the ambiences are sealed by the tranquility of the movements of a sedentary slowness. Lovers of ambient music, to your earphones! The Light in the Shadow will envelop you, like the multicolored layers of Craig Padilla's latest work.

Sylvain Lupari (February 8th, 2007) *****

Available at Spotted Peccary Bandcamp

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