• Sylvain Lupari

DIGIALSIMPLYWORLD: The City Dark Synth (2013)

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

The City Dark Synth  is an intense ambiospherical sonic experiment that leaves an indelible imprint in the ear

1 The City Dark Synth 44:44

DigitalSimplyWorld Music

(DDL 44:44) (V.F.)

(Deep ambiospherical EM)

Here is an album which kicks up a fuss on the Internet. I haven't so much information about DigitalSimplyWorld. It seems to be a musical project out of Poland from an artist who remains rather discreet and who produced something like 3 or 4 albums on the Internet since 2011 or 2012. THE CITY DARK SYNTH is an audacious musical project which is inspired by the second portion of Blade Runner, where Decker and Rachel are in search of an elixir to prevent the expirations of their life. And, so much to say it straightaway, even if his designer boasts of wanting to give a wink to Vangelis, he aims rather at the sinister atmospheres of Ridley Scott's cult movie of by targeting the lugubrious ambiences of a civilization connected up on artificial breathing apparatus.

Powerful clarions of a nasal synth open the first seconds The City Dark Synth. From the first breaths of synth, the listener is dive into a dark universe where wanders a scent of devastation. Pulsations come to bear this intense lugubrious mood and draw a hypnotic pulsating rhythm of which the fine variances are smoth