• Sylvain Lupari

DIGITAL HORIZONS: Pegasus - 30 Years of Digital Horizons (2018)

“It's time to reveal the music of Digital Horizons to the world of EM lovers, especially those of sequencer-based style of the 80-90's”

1 Pegasus 12:14 2 Tianma 8:57

3 Endless Scenery (DH30 Mix) 9:50

4 Drinking at Hippocrene 6:31

5 Plasma (DH30 Mix) 4:28

6 Chrysaor 7:40

Digital Horizons Music

(DDL 49:53) (V.F.)

(80-90's Berlin School)

How is it possible that Digital Horizon's music could have been hide to the various media of the Internet and EM spheres for so long? And this is not because the project of the English musician Justin Ludford has been put on the hold, like I thought, in the recent years. Oh no, since the Digital Horizons Bandcamp site lists a pretty huge series of EP's and albums between 2013 and the release of the very good Ghost Station in March 2018. PEGASUS - 30 Years of Digital Horizons is a short compilation of 6 titles and of almost 50 minutes from its long career started at the end of the 80's. It makes me think that only 50 minutes over 30 years of music is more a sign that the career of the one-man- band has had more downs than ups. But no matter, it's the present days that seems to count for Justin Ludford who made us discover with Ghost Station and finally this compilation a door to his wide universe where the sampling of good titles is still very subjective. But one thing is certain, this PEGASUS - 30 Years of Digital Horizons is a download to put between the ears

Tangerine Dream is the main influences in Justin Ludford's music, and it's with these layers filled by those 80-90's tonalities of the German trio that this collection opens. Pegasus seems to be a new composition that begins its stowage towards our ears with a series of synth pads as delicate as silk sheets which float and undulate under the caresses of an azure wind. The movement is very ethereal and lasts nearly 3 minutes where perfumes of The Keep caress our eardrums. A rhythm emerges from this effect of abyssal depth with a movement of a sequencer which goes into attack mode. The keys congregate on a conveyor which works by