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DIGITAL HORIZONS: Polarize (E.P. 2018)

“A good EM track at a very little cost, there is no excuses now to not discovering the universe of Digital Horizons”

1 Polarize 35:14 Digital Horizons Music

(DDL 35:14) (V.F.) (80-90's Berlin School)

Latest new music and offered at a cost that belongs to you, POLARIZE offers 35 minutes of evolutionary EM well bordered by sequences and percussion which sculpt different approaches of rhythms and dramatic effects thrown by synth pads in mode disaster movie. Divided into 3 parts, the first 12 minutes this last EP by Digital Horizons are intense and well orchestrated with a good filmic vision. The fragrances of Tangerine Dream can be felt in some synth pads, but nothing more. The Tianman title in PEGASUS - 30 Years of Digital Horizons, best portrays this progressive and very interesting ambient phase by its rather intense approach. The sequencer is the tool used the most creatively by Justin Ludford, even if his effects and moods are as well imagined. It's therefore a good and nice oscillatory rhythm that lights up the elements of the sequencer after these 12 minutes. The rhythm is supple with good oscillations which undulate under metallic layers to the taste of Digital Horizons. A good segment which crumbles its last beats in a 3rd phase, around the 29th minute, where Polarize deviates to a wild up-tempo. A melodic refrain is hypnotising our listening which follows very well the curve of a violent sequencer and its rhythmic lines which intertwine and unravel in a good phase à la Element 4. I liked and that accurately portrays the music and the structures of Digital Horizons. And at this price, there is no excuse for not discovering a part of Justin Ludford's universe.

Sylvain Lupari (August 18th, 2018) ***¾**

Available on Digital Horizons' Bandcamp

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