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DreamerProject Fading Light (2022)

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Chill music which is in line with the melodious and accessible works of AD Music

1 Sunshine 4:25 2 Ambient Love 4:38 3 Chilled Thursday 6:04 4 Choral 4:45 5 Summer Holiday 4:28 6 Hymne 5:23 7 Fading Light 3:40 8 Northern Lights 3:43 9 Piano in the Dark 3:29 10 Ocean Glimmer 3:43 11 San Fernando Hymne 3:33 12 Soundscapes 4:11

(CD/DDL 52:00) (V.F.)

(New Age, Chill, Up-tempo)

Sometimes you just don't feel like to make your brain working hard! Listening to something simple and melodic made with digital synths, drum machines and effective percussive effects that frame good earing melodies that can be listened to on a sandy thin line while watching the horizon being caressed by the waves of a sleeping ocean. I would say, like listening to this latest DreamerProject album, FADING LIGHT, which is nothing less than a continuation of the very melodious Beyond Dreams, Kjetil Ingebrigtsen's last album from 2019. The Norwegian musician offers a collection of 12 tracks, all built on the principles of chill and downtempo where lie melodies to make us dream under a moonlight.

And what a better way than these waves to start Sunshine and its chill out which is rocked by melodious synth laments. One could even assume that it is a very sophisticated guitar. The rhythm lives on well-programmed arrhythmic beats, creating two parallel structures that intertwine their strikes. It flirts with an up-tempo in an electronic galaxy where the country style of the ethereal melody floats on electric blue arrangements. This very country-western tone of the synth flavors the tunes of the slow ballad that is Ambient Love. The music is the equivalent of the title. Slow, the rhythm is conducive to dance a good slow dance for lovers. The Norwegian musician puts a lot of emphasis on the percussions, as well in the game as in the tone, in his new album. Even grafting percussive effects sounding like a rattlesnake tail suddenly crushed, like in this beautiful slow dance. The synth and the arrangements should please the fans of Software, post Chip-Meditation era. Ditto for Choral! A good chill that beats on a series of 2 beats of the bass-drum, a recurrent element in the rhythms of FADING LIGHT, and jinglings as agile as a viper's tongue. The arrangements are in the tone, one would think of hearing a saxophone, while the keyboard extends a series of arpeggios whose emotive highs can stir the emotions. Piano in the Dark, which develops itself with more bite in its rhythmic ballad, is of the same kind.

If you're looking for something a little more elaborate, Chilled Thursday should do the trick! Its pulsating rhythm vibrates under a keyboard that lay down a good melody weaver of earworm. Its structure evolves with a subtle mutation in the sequencer play, crafting a pattern of ascending and circular rhythm. The effect sculpts a fine, delicately spasmodic strobe membrane. The melody from the keyboard is everything here. With a rhythm that sways on a circadian double beat, Summer Holiday offers a delicate melody that is a bit melancholic because of its keyboard whose sober playing is equivalent to dreams lost in illusion. After a slow start wrapped in the strata of violin waltzing in the unknown on a weak pulsating rhythm, Hymn develops in a good up-tempo with a very melodic vision of the synth. The music evolves well to offer a more interesting second half, especially with good pulsating and circular percussive effects. The arrangements and the languor melody of the title-track offer a honeyed structure that could well serve as a soundtrack for a good afternoon soap opera. A bit like in Anthem, the music and its dramatic ambiences tend towards a good up-tempo. Northern Lights distances itself a little from the other tracks with a resolutely more electronic rock approach...still very melodic. It reminds me of Yanni's first albums. Heavy, slow, melodic and intense, Ocean Glimmer is another track that highlights those high arpeggios that titillate our emotions. Its opening exploits a vision of melody playing alone in an atmospheric canvas. It's at the 60 second mark that the rhythm hits our eardrums in a fusion of Chilled Thursday and Choral for the rattling of vipers. The melody of San Fernando Anthem, no matter how much it tinkles on an up-tempo basis that is flirting with e-rock, is the kind that makes you cry. The acuteness of the keyboard keys, over a frankly hammered rhythm, is the kind that would melt a rock. I like this track that takes a nice more electronic turn in such a short time. The kind of track that could easily play on FM radios. Soundscapes ends this little collection of poetry in music on a structure bouncing between its up tempo and its vision for a romantic chill out with always a delicate and very melodious vision of the keyboard.

FADING LIGHT is the kind of album that is ideal for romantics, as well as for dreamers and those that life has worn out without discernment. If the rhythms are connected by a simplistic and minimalist vision, the melodies tend towards stronger emotions thanks to the high-pitched chords that crisscross the 12 structures of this new DreamerProject album. Chill, up-tempo and downtempo music which is in line with the melodious and accessible works of the English label AD Music.

Sylvain Lupari (October 5th, 2022) ***¾**

Available at AD Music

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