• Sylvain Lupari

ERIC G.: Illusions (2010)

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Complex, lively, poetic and surprising of crisscrossed rhythms, Illusions is this kind of album which amaze and charm at each listening

1 Mowing the Moon's Grass 23:43

2 Model III 17:33

3 Finally found the Missing Glass Piece 15:04

Eric G. Music

(DDL 56:19) (V.F.)

(Vintage Berlin School EM)

Nowadays, the warm tones of a Berlin School EM style becomes more and more flooded in an enormous musical cornucopia where technologies and numeric (digital) equipments (Midi and PC Synth, Virus, etc.) strip a bit the nobility of this art finely exploited in the 70's by artists innovative and extremely creative such as Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese and his cult band Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre as well as Ashra Temple. Today, artists like Ian Boddy, Mark Shreeve, Remy, Marcel Engels, Gert Emmens, Mario Schonwalder and many more are still exploiting this sonority of former days, but with a mixture of new technologies, creating hybrid sonority where soft steams of a retro Berlin School are next to a more technical, more updated tones. A little like Brendan Pollard, Eric G's musical universe soaks in a fabulous world of analog tones, plunging the listener and the nostalgic fan into a forgotten art. With ILLUSIONS, the Swedish synthesist crosses the wall of time to offer a fabulous timeless album where retro Berlin School comes alive again and floods our ears with 3 long and magnificent titles which charm and exceed the threshold of the sound illusion.

Like his first album Conclusion in 2001, ILLUSIONS is made of material written at the beginning of the 80's. And in the middle of the 90's, Eric G replayed and rerecorded his compositions to finally integrate sounds and tones of Minimoog and Mellotron in 2007. A long process