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ERIK SEIFERT: Core (2009)

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Catchy rhythms in a sci-fi ambiance here's the result of CORE, the best melodious EM of 2009

1 LHC (Large Hedron Collider) 12:44

2 ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) 9:16

3 ISOLDE (Isotope On-Line Detector) 11:27

4 AD (Antiproton Decelerator) 11:27

5 SPS (Super Proton Synchrotron) 9:32

6 ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC Apparatus) 11:37

7 Wunderwerk 9:25

(DDL 75:37) (V.F.)

(New Berlin School)

We listen to this new opus from Erik Seifert like we are in a strange space trip. Mixing the sweet melodious approaches of Vangelis with Jarre's style of rhythms, while visiting the heterogeneous sound atmospheres of intersidereal journeys, CORE evolves like a single long piece, segmented into 7 parts, in a sonic flora with scents of science fiction. Like if we were aboard a space shuttle floating gently among astral nebulosity, planets and stars. A good album filled with electronic rhythms which progress melodiously in the lands of Jean-Michel Jarre.

An electric wave is sizzling at the opening of LHC, releasing a cloud of wiishh floating in a cosmic fog, a little like the nascent activities inside a spaceship in awakening. Everything is in the grip of gravity; from the melancholy chords of a lost piano to the metallic strata of a sleeping synth. We are in a state of weightlessness, in an interstellar vacuum. A soft scintillating sequence emerges from this astral nothingness. She twirls with the grace of a ballerina in a serene ambience where lonely piano chords timidly accompany her, just before a latent tempo appears on the horizon. It bursts towards the 7th minute with slightly slamming percussions and a good undulating bass line which spits pulsations in a musical context where the moderate rhythm crosses atmospheric elements. Slightly musical elements from a synth with textures of an Arabic waltz. This is a nice cosmic title bursting of melancholy which melts into the sounds of machinery of a space station. According to the introductory protocol of LHC, Alice frees itself from the mechanical grip with a suave rhythm which delicately undulates on a structure which has become subtly stroboscopic. Super tasty and extremely melodious, the synth releases good languid strata with the melodies of a sand people. At the halfway point, the rhythm becomes more biting and hiccupping on a delicately anvil approach, continuing its melodious destiny on more hammered percussions which inject a heavier tempo. The journey continues with ISOLDE and its slow atmospheric evolution which skillfully depicts the movements and daily life of cosmonauts far from their Earth.

A very cosmic track where the synth noises its analog tones among solos, melodies and orchestrations which shape a slow temporal waltz. AD continues to exploit ISOLDE's galactic environments. With the difference that the ambience is heavier with its menacing streaks which scan the surroundings like a laser eye among choirs of condemned to perpetual vacuum. The synth harmonizes its solos which get lost under a pulsating bass and well felt percussion around the 4th minute. They structure a languorous rhythm with an insistent sequence coming from nowhere in this universe rich in heterogeneous strikes and whose synth solos liven up very well the scrutinizing resonances. Another very well-structured title! SPS and ATLAS are two titles in the purest JMJarre tradition, Waiting for Cousteau period and Chronology. Oceanographic-sounding tracks that stir on nervous rhythms, well-watered percussions and a jerky sequenced belt that strays towards more atmospheric passages. Let's say it rocks, and not just a bit! Wunderwerk's fluttering sequence is a delight for my ears. Arpeggios with charming jolts cross slamming percussions whose resonances project us into the spheres of Moon Machine, a title by Jean-Michel Jarre whose influences flood CORE's rhythms.

Catchy rhythms in a science fiction atmosphere, this is the result of Erik Seifert's 5th opus. An album high in heterogeneous sounds as very electronic, as in sequences and percussion forgers of lively rhythms which are worthy of a dancefloor and where the melancholy transcends the rhythmic simplicity. Album with a metallic texture, this CORE will make life easier for fans of Jean Michel Jarre and even Vangelis, Chronology and Direct. It's the most beautiful melodious and accessible album of EM in 2009.

Sylvain Lupari (January 11th, 2010) ****½*

Available at Seifert & Steinbuechel Bandcamp

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