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Erik Wollo Celestia (2013) E.P.

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

As always, Erik Wollo drags his listener into deep ambient poetic moods with just what it takes in rhythms to let him full awake

1 Celestia Part I 8:53

2 Celestia Part II 5:50

3 Celestia Part III 5:48

4 Celestia Part IV 6:31

(DDL27:04) (V.F.)

(Ambient, filmic and psy-tribal EM)

Ringings of carillons brighten up the night-breezes of the oceanographic singings. And Celestia Part I plunges us straight out into the enthralling mi-ambient universe of Erik Wollo's new EP. Another synth line, more discreet and brighter, counterbalances the dark approach of the introduction with an iridescent veil, paving the way to some fine riffs and pulsations which gurgle in the shade of clanic percussions. With its delicate rhythm, Celestia Part I has airs of déjà vu. Mystic, CELESTIA floats on the ambiences of Silent Currents with 4 tracks which ally the fine rhythms of Wollo to his poetic atmospheres of musical landscapes. Celestia Part II borrows a darker bend, even dramatic, with slow layers filled by tones of ageing organ which glide over a rather spectral melodic pattern weaved of organic loops which coo in their echoes. The moods are sibylline with these seraphic choruses which try to pierce this opaque cloud of dark strata, leaving sound imprints torn between the blue and the black. It's with fine rainy drops that the transition between Celestia Part II and Celestia Part III is made. Confirming the proverb which says that every cloud has a silver lining, Celestia Part III inhales the ambiospheric serenity with a meshing of synth lines to angelic breaths which float over fine pulsations. Always pulled between the rhythm and the atmospheres, between the black and the blue, CELESTIA confirms its ambiguity with a finale where the psy-tribal rhythms are stirring under the piles of synth strata and of their harmonies tinted by their paradoxes. Celestia Part IV is a pure marvel and brings us back in time with a huge reminiscence of the rhythms that Steve Roach evoked in his period of Western Spaces and Desert Solitaire. The track is heavy of its hectic rhythm with a bass line of which the humming chords sculpt a languishing approach while that the percussions break out in a nervous and bubbling rhythmic show, concealing these synth lines and these oceanic breaths which have always injected the spectral and seraphic approaches which floated over the darkness of CELESTIA.

Sylvain Lupari (May 10th, 2013) *****

Available at Projekt Records Bandcamp

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