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FD PROJECT: Blue Visions (2004)

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

An album where the harmonies still predominate on Berlin School roads

1 Harmonie in Space 8:24

2 Dreamless World 5:52

3 Galaxy 2003...The Next Generation 6:13

4 Memorys 8:11

5 Sealife - Whale and Dolphin 7:09

6 Galaxy 2004...the long way 15:41

7 Two Times In One 6:12

8 Endless Dream Part Two 5:31

9 Blue Visions 5:23

(DDL 68:58) (V.F.)

(Minimalist Berlin School)

BLUE VISIONS is already a transition album for Frank Dorittke. An album more impactful than Electronic Dreams where FD Project takes out his guitar and crisscrosses the long and tortuous roads of the sequencer that he has traced on more elaborate and progressive titles by sprinkling them with heavy and incisive solos. Oh sure, there are still more accessible titles. Tracks like Dreamless World and Endless Dream Part Two which still embrace the light and timid rhythms which have flavored the ambiences of his very first opus.

Harmonie in Space starts this second musical adventure of FD Project with a sequential flow that becomes entangled in a sound universe filled with loops of rhythm and of their echoes. Tssitt-tssitt cymbals and hypnotic pulsations accompany this spiral pace which twirls and oscillates on a rhythmic structure sustained with a pulsing bass-line from which emerge brief solos of a guitar heavy of its ambiences and layers of a mellotron-synth. Hybrid, the rhythm swings between a soft heaviness and a soft nuance with ethereal ambiences on a rhythmic structure which will become the backbone of the majority of BLUE VISIONS' rhythms. Less fiery, Galaxy 2003 ... The Next Generation is carved around fine sequences which skip gently in a darker setting. A solitary sequential movement shapes a soft rhythm where the synth predominates of its layers and solos. This is the kind of tack which could built a bridge between the two first albums of the German musician. Galaxy 2004 ... the long way follows the same tangent while being full of solos which twist in a more biting, a more rock vibe. The ending is more moderate with a movement of the sequencer whose echo shapes a spasmodic structure, just like Two Times in One which deviates on the other hand on a more ethereal structure. It's on Memorys that the first influences of Mike Oldfield are felt with a sequence which spins to adopt a fascinating fusion between the anthem of Tubular Bells and that of Halloween. The nursery rhyme unties its Luciferian chords with a crystalline tone where Frank D's guitar loops long suave and incisive solos on a rhythm supported by a pulsating bass line. Sealife - Whale and Dolphin marries a very Tangerine Dream structure, from the Linda Spa years, with a soft saxophone that embraces the more methodical solos of Frank Dorittke. Ditto for the title-track and its acoustic opening and whose guitar flirts with a very TD sound, concluding an album where the harmonies still predominate but with an electronic vision much more elaborated, fleshed out and progressive than on Electronic Dreams. A good FD Project!

Sylvain Lupari (February 12th, 2008) ***¾**

Available at FD Project Bandcamp

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