• Sylvain Lupari

FIREHAND: The Three Worlds (2021)

A magnificent album whose only defect is to be limited to a downloadable version

1 Sculptor Universe 8:42

2 Ravish 7:17

3 Earth Renewal 8:26

4 Sacred Name 6:03

5 Beneath the Surface 5:21

6 Revelation Sequence 8:45

7 The Eyes 6:47

8 Otherworldly Creatures 5:06

9 Mountain Rain 7:00

10 Seed 7:54

Firehand Music

(DDL 71:24) (V.F.)

(Sequencer-based,Tribal Ambient)

I got to know Robert Logan's music following the excellent albums he co-wrote with Steve Roach, Second Nature and Biosonic. It's in fact following these albums that I was tempted by a solo album, Sculptor Galaxy, still released by Projekt Records at the same era, 2016-17. Alongside, he made a solo album, New Dawn in 2016, under the pseudonym of Firehand. It was a dark and stormy ambient music. Recently, I received a message from him asking me to listen to his latest album, THE THREE WORLDS for the purpose of a review. What you need to know is that TTW was conceived before he got serious health problems, mainly hearing issues. He put a rush on it, afraid he was to not being able to do so. The result is an incredibly intense album which explores some zones from his previous Sculptor Galaxy. An album that sticks to our skin which is powered by a sequencer driven of wild rhythms, tribal and Berlin School styles, with a zest of E-Rock with a great knowledge of percussions and a treasure trove of percussive effects leading to different textures of trance.