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INDRA: Archives-Emerald Five (2015)

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Listening the music of Indra is really contagious and Emerald Five does nothing to refute this fact. It's the best so far from this titan series

1 F.A.Q. 8:51 2 Over the Dunes 12:57 3 Madeline 10:52 4 Libertados 16:41 5 First Contact 16:32 6 Air 7:22 Indra Music

(CD/DDL 73:17) (V.F.) (Minimalist Roumanian School)

It's contagious to listen Indra's music! Babylonian beatings structure a muffled tempo where is fluttering a mass of sequences. After the point of the 60 seconds, and with the arrival of electronic bangings, the rhythm of F.A.Q. becomes more steady, like a kind of cosmic rock where we glide with our feet getting sluggish. Magnificent in his minimalist approach, Indra forges this minimalist rhythmic approach which he waters abundantly with effects of percussions and with sequences which join like some stroboscopic thin lines. Delicious, the harmonies are weaved into silk! In songs of synth which that he tinted of a fluty fragrance and which sound very melancholic, kind of music theme of French movies of the 70's.

A little bit nasal layers travel there too, adding an even more esoteric depth to this structure which pants at the end of its 5 minutes. Yes, listening the music of Indra is really contagious! This 5th chapter of the mega series Archives-Emerald from Indra is undoubtedly his best to date. The Rumanian synthesist forges charmingly some mesmerizing minimalist structures with a very beautiful increasing intensity. The winds which sweep the opening of Over the Dunes show a very cinematographic approach (we cannot chase away from our mind these images of the famous movie) while that quite slowly is taking shape another structure of rhythm which gives the crawling effect of these worms which we saw in comic cartoons. The rhythm is soft. We roll of the neck and we tap our thigh in a kind of trance with as imaginary decorations this dozen of ringings which shine on a figure of harmonious sequences. The title accelerates its pace, which remains magnificently hypnotic, while the harmonies are weakened by layers and effects of synth which oversize the allegorical decoration of Over the Dunes. We have just had some very good 20 minutes when Madeline brings us in Klaus Schulze's territories, period Mirage, with arpeggios of ice which crystallize a spectral melody on a pulsatory rhythm. The song of the angels is appealing, but not as much as these crystal arpeggios. Let’s say that they complement each other marvellously. Libertados is THE title of EMERALD FIVE.

Pulsations coming by far skip in the shadow of electronic effects which fit to the pace of the deaf knockings. Knockings which become more lively whereas a melody settles down with agreements which hesitate to ring on this bed of pulsations and now of percussions. The rhythm is ambient, but magnificently bewitching. More steady percussions are added and more insistent sequences invite each other to this lascivious dance. Effects of percussions fed of gas, laments of synth and whirling sequences, Libertados becomes then a wonderful minimalist structure which fattens its charms from minute till minute. And quite slowly this structure annuls its elements of charm to enter in a bustle of dark and buzzing winds. A short moment of calm before it becomes again alive again with all its elements of elegance and a feeling that everything has became more aggressive. Superb! First Contact clashes of this peaceful sound decoration of EMERALD FIVE with a more aggressive approach. Pulsatory chords skip sharply with completely opposite tints. Effects and winds feign a more cosmic structure with a level of intensity which sounds like a warning. The beating of the pulsation is minimalist while the sequences of glass seem more in anarchy mode, creating an effect of panic in face of the ferocity of the winds which roar with a destructive strength. It’s cinema full the head. It’s the beauty of a music without words. Air is a musical act of atmospheres without a structure of rhythm. Only layers which unfurl and which move by implosions to reach a luminosity which will make a thick cloud of sequences hatch of which chirping are like those of birds after a violent thunderstorm. Yes, listening the music of Indra is really infectious! The long hypnotic moves are clearly wrapping us of a veil of submission. And this EMERALD FIVE does nothing to refute this fact, to avoid this obsession to dive there even farther. The first 45 minutes, and especially Libertados, are monuments of the art of the minimalism. I really enjoyed these minutes!

Sylvain Lupari (November 3rd, 2016) ****½*

Available at Indra Bandcamp

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