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INDRA: Archives-Gold Five (2015)

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

“This last album of the Gold series picked in the final remainders can be a delight to all the ears, but not to all at the same time”

1 Luminous Vortex 23:32 2 Zygurath 8:54 3 The Tale of a Lonely Shepherd 8:24 4 Alcyone 16:14 5 Secretly, Ona 22:14 Indra Music

(CD&DDL 79:20) (V.F.) (Berlin & Roumanian School)

Like a 3rd treasure chest which eventually dries up of its wonderful discoveries, this last album of the Gold series picked in the final remainders can be a delight to all the ears, but not quite at the same time.

Luminous Vortex begins with a movement of the sequencer which forges a line galloping such as a troop of astral horses. In a structure always minimalist adorned of fragile variances, the rhythm takes a more dynamic tangent and unfolds a 2nd line of sequence which fight in a universe painted of ether. Stroboscopic thin lines get in and bounce in a discreet approach while the rhythm of Luminous Vortex weakens in order to approach a more ambiospherical phase. In fact, throughout the 23 minutes of Luminous Vortex the structure evolves with simply surprising phases, as in the 5th minute which is hyper melodious and rather melancholic, and others which melt themselves in an approach of light dance imposed by percussions of a tap-dancing type and by stroboscopic strands sculptured in a psychedelic vision, as in the 10th minute. Playing constantly on the roles of his rhythms, Indra keeps his listener on the alert by merging phases which loop their loops and ultimately loops the wide loop of rhythms which is Luminous Vortex. I liked it a lot, but I'm known as being a fan of structures as homogeneous as asymmetric. More coherent, the structure of Zygurath seems to bite into the one which has introduced the opening of Luminous Vortex but with sequences which cut out the ambiences with more mordant. Moreover, everything turns around this good movement of the sequencer which draws a lively rhythmic pattern, adorned with some variances, under a discreet soundscape which is multicolored by some well scattered effects, so giving free rein to this hypnotically spasmodic rhythm. Every CD of this collection hides a wonderful pearl. Here it's The Tale of a Lonely Shepherd which is a marvelous lunar ballad. The rhythm is soft, languishingly slow. Pecked by sober and late percussions, it swirls like a carousel illuminated by delicate arpeggios which sing and glitter in the chants watered of a morphic melancholy of the synth. I adore!

Alcyone is a long movement of ambiences sculpted in breezes as well mysterious as very tenebrous. Decorated with beautiful layers, sometimes orchestral and more often cosmic, which float as much as sing and of these small carillons so soft of the Indra universe, this long trip in the cosmos is a very meditative music which it's required to listen carefully in order to perceive its delicate fragility. It's some very serene and meditative Indra who whispers us his beautiful music soaked of strong emotions into our ears. With its soft rhythm, the first part of Secretly, Ona is my real crush on this GOLD FIVE. The hypnotic game of the percussions attracts us irreparably in this interstellar universe where are sparkling a variety of noises, as cosmic as organic. And it's all the charm of this long title that exploits admirably its bed of sober but really fascinating percussions. The 11 first one minutes are simply brilliant with these methodical beatings which support a very good game of sequences which spreads its keys into soft stroboscopic strands. These beatings decrease the pace by remaining very discreet in the last 10 minutes which are filled by cosmic effects and anesthetic layers. Shortened of five or six minutes and that will be a real jewel in this series. A way as another to conclude this 3rd chapter of this impressive collection of the Archives Series which continues its musical road with another section of 5 albums entitled Diamond and whose action takes place at the door of 2010.

Sylvain Lupari (August 5th, 2017) ***½** Available at Indra Bandcamp

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