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INDRA: Archives-Gold One (2015)

“Yet, Gold One is another solid remnant of Indra who is serving us some of the best minimalist patterns nowadays”

1 Regulus 20:35

2 Cosmic Central Time 10:08

3 The Muse from Eridani 18:10

4 While in Oz... 24:24 Indra Music

(CD&DDL 73:19) (V.F.) (Minimalist Roumanian School)

Regulus explains all alone why I adore so much the music of Indra! A note crashes and throws a beam of sound elements from where emerges a structure of frenzied rhythm. The sequences quick and nervous jump up in succession, trampling a line of bass sequences as stoical and giving a more colored relief to the convulsive hyper rhythm of Regulus. When these sequences wear out their charms, muffled pulsations and armada of sequences in tones of hollow wood and\or of empty bottles flutter with the metallic jingles of the recently arrived percussions. Layers of celestial voices hum in the background while the synth multiplies lines which chat as birds taken out of an enchanted forest. By parts of time brilliantly studied, Indra decorates and improves his structure of rhythm such as a druid of sounds and tones who uses his magic recipe. This is the way our ears never see the seconds pass by, too much occupied with revealing all this fauna of effects, as sonic as percussive, which lift this passion of penetrate into the universe very articulated of the Rumanian magician of sounds. Regulus is a monument of minimalist rhythm with wild and at times cosmic phases which converge towards one heavy finale just before a delicious more ethereal phase where our senses roam with the cosmos. So, this is why I love so much the music of Indra! Here is the 3rd part of this gigantic collection of music buried in Indra's vast vaults. And this GOLD ONE starts things with strength. Regulus is a strong title which feeds the directions of Central Cosmic Time and of its structure which oscillates like a big eagle letting himself guides by the winds. The main movement remains floating while the sequences which glitter all around enliven the pace, giving so the impression that the eagle takes a nosedive. The lively movement gets loose from its first membrane, creating a rhythmic as crystalline, spasmodic and convulsive as in Regulus. Yep…this is why!

And it's a little the same thing with the initial skeleton of The Muse from Eridani. The lively rhythm shudders of its organic keys in a universe of spiritual trance where are splitting up some nebulas metallic lines into multiple tinkling keys. The approach swings towards a kind of Disco for hyperactives with waves of mists which cover the areas of dance. Master of his movements and of the sequences which decorate them, Indra nuances his approach with a sonic density where are humming choruses on the ice floes of celestial mists. The rhythm dives into an ethereal phase around the 11 minutes, developing a long phase of atmospheres where circulate the undulatory caresses of the sequenced ringings which are on the lookout for a next rhythmic breeze. While in Oz... goes away from the minimalist patterns here with 3 different structures of rhythm which diminish in the course of its ambiences. Its first 5 minutes are kind of Techno trance which dynamite our eardrums while burning the feet due to the hard jumping on the floor. After a short 90 seconds of interstellar atmospheres, the rhythm is reborn in a pattern as frenzied as a mixture of Regulus and Central Cosmic Time before proposing a phase of cosmic atmospheres a la Klaus Schulze and then bouncing softly with a last phase of rhythm where the sequences jump up and collide in a foggy mood. It’s this kind of title that asks more than a listening and which gains to be to tame.

As I adored the last miles of the Emerald series, as I savored this GOLD ONE of which the similarities are as well numerous as delicious. Regulus is a bomb as I like them with a subtle crescendo unique to the music of Indra. The rest follows as if by magic because the timbre Indra is unique. And once at the bottom of the ear, it’s difficult of getting rid of it.

Sylvain Lupari (February 6th, 2017) *****

Available at Indra Bandcamp

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