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INDRA: Archives-Gold Three (2015)

“What else to add if it's another very good album of mislaid titles and rediscovered for the most enjoyable pleasure of Indra's legion of fans”

1 Synapse 25:19 2 Le Talisman 9:08 3 Endorphin 1 (Live) 9:02 4 Endorphin 2 (Live) 4:06 5 Aeon Light 8:05 6 The Blue Waters 21:35 Indra Music

(CD&DDL 77:03) (V.F.) (Minimalist Roumanian School)

Here is unarguably the quietest album, the album that shows most serenity, in this luxuriant collection of archives of the Rumanian synthesist. Written while Indra entered his phase Tantric Edition (a special collection which should reach 12 albums), the music of GOLD THREE breathes greedily of these magic airs which rock between soft divinatory ambiences and some even more charming, even more hypnotic, rhythms, showing that the one who had so much charmed us with the naivety found in The Call of Shivra had reached from now on a beautiful maturity at the level of the mastery of his music.

From the length of its 25 minutes, Synapsis is a fascinating crush which leaves me perplexed. How Indra was able to hide us this small treasure of charms and of bewitchment? Oscillations pound and dance in a gyrating pattern while the ambiences are supported by a synth and its harmony, so frail as a young bird rapidly expanding, which stands up to these synth layers grumbling as hoarse breaths on an oasis building its mirages. The movement of sequences oscillates by showing two tonal colors which are in confrontation while percussions restructure quite a delicious seraphic trance. Like an architect of sounds that he became, Indra sprinkles the first 17 minutes of Synapsis of elements which captivate the hearing and nuances the color of the rhythm, as this dance of crystal-clear chords which gambol while spreading a good harmonious rhythmic structure. The last 8 minutes plunge us into a phase of ambiences with seraphic voices which blow in a decor at both lunar and apocalyptic, in particular because of these threatening groans which dominated the charms of the introduction. Very quiet, The Talisman is a symphony of winds and of their sibylline tints. Sound effects, astral waves, as breezes of cosmos, complete the panorama of a music composed consisted for a little astral journey. It continues with Endorphin 1 (Live) which is more seraphic and less enigmatic than The Talisman. Its first 6 minutes are an ode to serenity. A delicate rhythm hatches afterward. The meshing of bass pulsations and of percussions invite in a kind of cerebral trance which limps below the peacefulness of breezes to the soft inviting warmth. Endorphin 2 (Live) doesn't go for subtleties! The rhythm takes the shape of a Techno rather inviting to dance while the sequences which swirl from all over the pace are adding a spasmodic and jerky effect. Aeon Light is a beautiful piece of ambiences with peaks of emotionalism invited by crystalline arpeggios which tinkle with an emotive acuteness in the tones. It's one of those many nice titles of Indra's meditative moods. One would definitely imagine to be in cosmos! The Blue Waters begins with the usual effects of the genre. Huge waves fail on the bed dented of a reef under the attentive eye of a synth from which the tearful chants undulate of laziness and tie the oceans to cosmos. Chirping of stars accompany this lugubrious walking towards a first movement of rhythm knotted around sequences which skip at a brisk pace in a narrow circular tube. It's a pattern of very Indra static rhythm which pounds crazily in a quilted envelope which drops its orchestral arrangements until the accesses of a more balanced electronic rhythm. A rhythm always very minimalist, very hypnotic, which releases perfumes of Moondawn and Black Dance in a little livelier approach. It's some good Indra who scatters his effects, which changes a bit the speed of the rhythm, and who makes sing hi synth with acrobatic soloes before that The Blue Waters finds its way back to its genesis.

GOLD THREE pursues this road of charms and surprises undertaken by Indra who never stop to amaze by releasing small jewels scattered here and there, through a career that we didn't know that vast in time. There are beautiful moments here which are going enchant so much the emotion is there. So that sometimes, I have this strange impression that the Rumanian synthesist is very close to my ears when I listen to his music. Not you?

Sylvain Lupari (April 12th, 2017) ***½**

Available at Indra Bandcamp

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