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After a short period of inactivity of 3 years between...

S&S: After a short period of inactivity of 3 years between Surround Sound Evolution and Jules Verne Forever, in 2015, Mythos reappears 4 years later after having produced a very nice album for Groove: Jules Verne - Around the World In 80 Minutes. And then after, a second withdrawal. Could we deduce that the first period of inactivity, 2012 to 2015, should have been extended until 2020?

Stephen Kaske: Not at all...! S&S: What have you been doing in the past 4 years? Have you put Mythos' career on hold? Have you thought of giving up everything? Stephen Kaske: (smiles) As always in the last 5 decades my life ist full of activity and work. How could I give up something what's going on strong? During all the years of touring through Germany's planetariums, festivals, clubs, galleries, churches, and all kind of events with the mainly laserharp-based programs of the albums Gallery Concerts, Unabsteigbar, Jules Verne Forever and Around the World In 80 Minutes I've been in the mood to go for new borders. Thus, I sampled sequences, algorithms, ideas, effects, sounds and so on… Parallel to this my former record company asked me to support their plans to reissue several Mythos albums of the Seventies on cd and also in vinyl! And they were enthusiastic to learn, that there already was Mythos material for a brand new vinyl quadruple album - the Berliner Schule Sequencing!

S&S: In the meantime these actually appeared in the shops right in time for the Xmas- and holiday-season. Stephen Kaske:...and fired impressive responses in the media regardless the corona disasters. And since that time happens again what some people erroneously might take for a "withdrawal".... not bearing in mind Myhos' concert and live activities! To release and promote a record takes months of actions for taking pictures, videos, multi-lingual info-texts, interviews(!), promo copies to be sent in all the world, and, and, and.... So, 95% of my time is "down the drain". I wonder when I'll have time to busy myself with music finally. Therefore, better don't expect the next Mythos cds before the end of 2022 ;-) S&S: How did Mythos experience the pandemic? Did you feel the need to create stronger than before? Stephen Kaske: My family and me are fortunately "in the pink". Since more than a year we accept the often daily changing laws and restrictions. And hope the virus will be defeated as soon as possible. S&S: What led you to compose an album like Berliner Schule Sequencing? And what is the idea behind this album? And what orientation would you like your fans to have towards it? Stephen Kaske: Most of the Mythos fans are loyal and faithful and took part in Mythos' quite a lot of style changings over the decades. They know and feel over all changings there is always a deep intention and fair-minded no mean feat. Thus, makes all Mythos albums not to transient hits but to unique long sellers. S&S: Berliner Schule Sequencing is a fascinating album in terms of its sequenced structures, but also by this lack of emotion. Is this Mythos way of seeing, of feeling the Berlin School? Stephen Kaske: I think so. And the majority of fans and reviewers especially like the artifical, exceptional sequence algorythms. S&S: What do you think of these emerging artists who breathe new life into this Berlin School style? Without counting this movement more and more present of artists which gives again the letters of nobility to the analog Modular style? Stephen Kaske: Sorry, I generally don't listen to radio or chart music apart from rare occasions to avoid external influences on the Mythos evolution. S&S: What is it that attracts Stephan Kaske to music today? Stephen Kaske: You could ask me why am I breathing - music accompanies me as long as I may think. Music and performing on stage is a vital part of my life. S&S: I remember that after the release of Jules Verne - Around the World In 80 Minutes, you told me about the possibility of making other albums inspired by the works of Jules Vernes. Where is this project at? Stephen Kaske: Sorry Jules (Verne), 2 albums with more than 160 minutes about your works are enough for now for my mind.... S&S: What's next for Mythos? Stephen Kaske: Ask Corona...!

Sylvain Lupari (March 16th, 2021) (V.F.)

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