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JEFFREY KOEPPER: Radiate (2009)

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Radiate is nothing less than a sort of Jeffrey Koepper's greatest hits

1 Blue Sector 8:05

2 Astral Projection 6:18

3 Timeline 8:37

4 Byzantine Machine 6:07

5 Interphase 6:09

6 Synchronous 7:56

7 Parallel Being 6:36

8 One Hundred Memories 6:55

9 Creation 10:24

10 Rising Sun 3:51

(DDL 70:56) (V.F.)

(Pacific School)

Recorded during a live performance at the famous The Gatherings in Philadelphia on April 14th, 2008, RADIATE is nothing less than a sort of Jeffrey Koepper's greatest hits. This concert celebrated the release of the superb Sequenteria, of which we find 8 tracks, the 2 other tracks come from the albums Momentium for Byzantine Machine, and an album to be released later, Luminosity (Rising Sun). Played on entirely analog equipment, RADIATE was mastered by his great friend Steve Roach.

It is alone and surrounded by his vast array of analog instruments that Jeffrey begins this concert with 3 tracks, Blue Sector, Astral Projection and Timeline, from Sequenteria. The music flows like sweet analog poetry with an ambience that accurately depicts the depth of this album. Byzantine Machine, the Momentium's opening track, replaces the dark and boiling Near Machinery with a superb cohesion of nervous rhythm and reverberating pulsing bass-lines. A track that fits well in the ambiences of this concert with these intertwined rhythms that couple wonderfully on more ethereal and atmospheric phases that Koepper manipulates with a master hand. In fact, the Baltimore synthesist offers a beautiful interpretation of his latest album by extending his atmospheric field and adding more bite in his rhythmic crossroads and their different interconnections.

In short, this is a beautiful album that will delight those who own Sequenteria, because the modifications are noticeable, and an excellent way to discover an artist whose music is a cross between Jean-Michel Jarre and Steve Roach. Simply delicious!

Sylvain Lupari (May 22nd, 2009) ****½*

Available at Jeffrey Koepper Bandcamp

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