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JEROME FROESE: Precooked Munchies (EP 2007)

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Precooked Munchies is a very good EP and an excellent complement to Shiver Me Timbers...but first you'll have to find it

1 A Mellow Morning  6:38

2 Mrs. Misty Kiss  6:35

3 Sea Miles  5:38

4 Joy And Sorrow 8:12

5 Lamb with Radar Eyes 7:04

  (live at Circus Krone, Munich 1997)

(CD-EP 34:07) (V.F.)

(Rock'n'Teutronica and Guitartronica)

I start backwards! After having happily listening cd, here I am stuffing myself the Shiver Me Timbers' EP. With a title as elegant as PRECOOKED MUNCHIES, Jerome Froese answers the long wait of his fans with an EP very representative of the album.

After the superb A Mellow Morning and Mrs. Misty Kiss, Sea Miles unscrews us from the floor with a spiral sequencer which spins on metallic percussions to make Jean-Michel Jarre pale. This is intelligent and provocative synth pop, as we find at full sounds on Shiver Me Timbers. This title amazes with its string of sequences which skip alternately before winding in fine undulating waves. The atmosphere is imbued with a contemporary psychedelic aura to subtly deviate towards a heavier rhythmic with the claustrophobic oscillations of a bass line which awakens a surprising mesh of sequenced balls including the oblong serpentine which goes between good strikes of percussions with a thousand echoes and the heartbreaking riffs of a Guitartronica more melodious than thunderous. Let's say that Jerome is filling our ears to the rim. The intro of Joy and Sorrow offers a delicate rhythm. A rhythm of the Islands with tam-tams which drumming on the fragile chords of a guitar which displays its harmonic loops and its grumpy riffs before sinking into a heavy electronic rock with powerful riffs and good harmonic solos which ultimately feed a progressive techno à la Chemical Brothers. Lamb With Radar Eyes does not need an introduction. Suffice it to say that it's a live performance with a rather interesting evolution of a great sound quality.

This EP is a great addition to Shiver Me Timbers. We discover a biting Jerome Froese who has fun like crazy on explosive rhythms, without neglecting a clearly melodious approach. There are a few copies left at Ricochet Gathering. So, go to your wallets! Because in a few years it will sell for a high price.

Sylvain Lupari (November 24th, 2009) *****

Available at

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