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JEROME FROESE: The Speed of Snow (EP 2009)

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The Speed of Snow is a very good EP and a nice complement to Shiver Me Timbers

1 The Speed of Snow 6:36

2 A Cold Spell in Spring 5:53

3 Summer Light Fantastic 5:46

(CD-EP 18:15) (V.F.)

(Melodious pop EM)

Did you like Shiver Me Timbers? You will love this mini EP! Jerome Froese has become quite an orchestra-man. A studio magician who manages to compose solid musical pieces that are mostly harmonious and sometimes complex. On the other hand, we are poles apart of a conventional EM. THE SPEED OF SNOW is a little EP of barely 18 minutes with a synth-pop or soft techno-style of EM.

The title-track begins with small ringing notes, a bit like on A Mellow Morning, from the album Shiver Me Timbers, before plunging into a more jerky rhythmic structure. The rhythm becomes heavy and dense with guitar riffs and synth lamentations which support the delicate harmonies of the introductory arpeggios whose tunes sparkle on military drum rolls. Both friendly and complex, the universe of Jerome Froese explodes with a melodious freshness that breathes on heavy rhythms interspersed with hyper melodious passages. A romantic introduction opens A Cold Spell in Spring. Jerome is strumming an acoustic guitar there which is courting Cosmos. These light riffs are hidden behind subtle arpeggios which reach neither the heavens nor the stars but our ears. Slowly, a world of echo surrounds the structure which floats in the harmonies of an ethereal six-strings with well-chiseled solos. It's a beautiful track where Jerome flirts with space music. Summer Light Fantastic bursts forth with nervous guitar chords and a synth with tetanized layers before embarking on a frenzied turn on a biting and bouncy bass which couples its rhythm to frenzied hammering percussions. Finally, Summer Light Fantastic is a bipolar title where the wild rhythm rubs shoulders with harmonies which bloom in a more limpid and harmonious universe.

THE SPEED OF SNOW is a very good EP as a good complement to Shiver Me Timbers while being in a nice continuity of styles offered in Neptunes. Two works that I have just purchased and which I will tell you about shortly.

Sylvain Lupari (November 13th, 2009) ***½**

Available at Groove nl

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