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LAMBERT: Dimensions of Dreams (Remastered) (2019)

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

“This is a very good remaster that should please Lambert's fans and if you don't own this must-have post Berlin School jewel, it''s time to get Dimensions of Dreams”

1 Impetus 6:00 2 Trance Journey 13:47 3 Immersion 10:34 4 Translook 11:06 5 Train of Impressions 10:29 6 Distance 7:14 7 Maelstrom 5:28 8 Two Worlds 5:03 9 Yonohamo 3:43 10 Return 6:33

(CD 79:58) (V.F.)

(Berlin School)

I was part of the pampered ones who could get their hands on one of the last CDs of DIMENSIONS OF DREAMS. A gem of electronic rock modulated on the Tangerine Dream style of the Jive and Melrose years, with fragrances of Virgin's last years. Discontinued since a long time, and approaching its 25th anniversary, the founder of Spheric Music considered it good to dust off this flagship work of his career to present it again in a remastered version that includes a bonus title; Distance. I'm always a little bit divided regarding a reissue of this kind. But this time, it's a no-brainer! Titles like Impetus, Immersion, Train of Impressions, which is very Tangerine Dream's Logos era, and Return are essential pieces of EM. Rocks pushed into the last retrenchment of the Berlin School! To that end, I invite you to read the review I wrote about the first DIMENSIONS OF DREAMS by clicking on this link. Now, the sound and effects? The remaster, done by Christian Schimmoeller, doesn't distort the original version. Sharpness in tones, sobriety and precision are the great qualities of this remaster. In fact, it's like hearing the original work, but with a vastly larger sound fields which does justice to the many sound effects of this album. And what about Distance? The origin or the period of composition are not mentioned in the information in the artwork. Artwork that is more sober than the original by the way ... But it's still quite surprising that 24 years later, a composition of this caliber remained buried in the recording sessions of DIMENSIONS OF DREAMS.

Drops of sounds, like in an introduction by Marianne Faithful's Broken English, are tinkling and resound in the opening of Distance. In fact, they talk to each other and answer each other in front of an intriguing sound mass which grows in the background. These drops become sequences that interact with sober electronic percussions while the scenery is metamorphosed for an imaginary water park. A line of clear sequences cross this introduction filled with dreamlike possibilities frolicking innocently. We immediately recognize Lambert's sequencer style here with a slightly complex approach where the rhythm is structured in several lines that forge an astonishing and seductive musical symbiosis. Distance flows fluidly on a structure where arpeggios, like Popcorn theme, put an earworm with a disarming simplicity. Synth layers come to warm this structure which takes a retro Berlin School tangent with solos that struggle to cross the rhythm and its foggy decor. It takes very Tangerine Dream riffs, around the 6 minutes' point, before the influences that pushed the inspirations of Lambert come to conclude a very good piece of EM for a reissue.

If you don't own this DIMENSIONS OF DREAMS in your CD collection, you have no excuses now. This is a great album that one listens from start to end, without getting bored on the way. It's a classic in the post retro Berlin School period. And is this reissue worth it if you have the original version? A difficult question for a friend who is very fond of Lambert. Before hearing it on my hi-fi, I would have said no! It was while listening it on my CD player that I heard the great precision in the sound details, as well as the musical field which is larger. So, hat to you Christian Schimmoeller! And with an excellent track as a bonus, it's very difficult to say no!

Sylvain Lupari (June 16th, 2019) *****

Available at Spheric Music, Groove and CD Baby

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