• Sylvain Lupari

LEVEL PI: Elektronische Philosophie (2020)

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It's an excellent album without flaws or down-times where the thrills that feed this love of music are in every title

1 Nachtfahrt 5:39

2 Die lange Reise 14:05

3 Intermezzo 2:20

4 Elektronische Philosophie 6:48

5 Don Quijotes Gehirn 8:19

6 Zu Hause 9:51

7 Durch die Jahrzehnte 9:41

Level Pi Music

(CD/DDL 65:41) (V.F.)

(E-Rock, EM, Neo-Kraut)

Does the name Level Pi mean anything to you? Well, it's the solo project of the German musician Uwe Cremer that we discovered in duo with Andreas Baaden, the time of the Home and Aufbruch albums. His project returns to the surface after 8 years of absence. And ELEKTRONISCHE PHILOSOPHY is that kind of album that nobody saw coming. Kind of like Science Fiction; A Compendium of Space Soundtrax by Sun Dial, this latest Level Pi album is a huge bunch of fresh air in my hazy ears full of contemporary EM. ELEKTRONISCHE PHILOSOPHY is an album based on guitars, excellent bass, organ and electronic percussions in an album structured around synths and their magic. It's an incredible album where we have this delicious feeling of being locked in a post-apocalyptic bar!

Heavy and slow as I like them, Nachtfahrt comes out of its sound fog to focus on strong and slow percussions and this synth's sublime bass line. The layers are swirling and are dosed with these sound effects which erode their vintage belonging to join this futuristic psybient of a garage band. They also have this muted influence of old Tangerine Dream and Rick Wright, as well as this orchestral veil which always saves the setting in a sound universe exploited to its maximum. Its flirtation with this monstrous bassline is at the heart of this daring heaviness where the chords of the keyboard suc