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LOOM: 200 002 (EP 2013)

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

This EP shows a strong complicity between musical styles in an interesting duel of harmonies and rhythms

1 Rejuvenation 8:19  

2 A Long Time Ago (Live 2012) 9:16  

3 Jet 5:55  

4 Streethawk(Live 2012) 8:40

Viktoriapark|VP LTDCD-001

(EP 32:12) (V.F.)

(Melodic and rhythmic EM)

Do I have to speak about this new Loom EP? Not even 2 months after its release, of which the pressing was 500 unities, 200 002 was already sold out. Thus, what's the use to speak about it? Because it's already hanging around on EBay at a prohibitive cost (It appears that there are still some unities left on Ricochet Dream)! Because it's the story of Tangerine Dream and of its spiritual heirs, maybe one day it will come out on a 2nd pressing. Hum... this I doubt! Or maybe it will be available in downloadable format? It's to be wished. Because those who didn't even get wind of its release ask for it loud and clear, and with reason. While others to who it passed under the ears demand for a review, just to see what they have missed. OK, here you have it! 200 002 presents two strong new tracks as well as interpretations of a great track from Johannes Schmoelling and a classic of Tangerine Dream. And effectively, you have missed something!

And we feel from the very first chords of Rejuvenation that Loom became a real band where the styles of three accomplices mix harmoniously in a sonic pattern in constant boiling. Riffs of guitars are dragging around with a scent of melancholy. The onset reminds me of Jerome Froese's solo works. A fine movement of crystal-clear sequences dances in the background and takes the guides of a good melodious approach disrupted by an indomitable sound fauna. The rhythm is on the balance. Beating on pulsating sequences, it swirls on the spot. Gleaning here and there fleeting harmonies which spin such as some delicious harmonic dragonflies which tease the hearing. The rhythm takes shape gropingly with a broth of sequences which roll in cascades, shaping an evasive stroboscopic approach which gets lost in dreamy ambiences while that as much softly as slowly, Rejuvenation takes the look of a heavy Guitartronica constantly called to order by the soft melodic baits of Schmoelling and Robert Waters. The 8 minutes are built around tormented structures of rhythm where the furies of riffs, heavy and pulsing sequences get lost in structured harmonies and ambient passages painted by soft melodic reverie before concluding in a harmonious finale where strong reminiscences of Legend throne in a surprising meshing of styles. A Long Time Ago is a little wonder that Johannes Schmoelling laid on the Instant City album. It's a soft morphic musing where Johannes' piano surfs on iridescent mists. But contrary to the original version, A Long Time Ago takes a rhythmic crescendo which ends with heaviness. The synth solos exchange their lyrical incantations with the heavy riffs and solos from Jerome's guitar, sharpening a finale which revels in of its soft and dreamy introduction.

Jet offers a violent structure of jerked rhythm. Heavy and pulsating sequences bombard with rage a deeply oscillatory tempo. And this tempo rolls with fury under a cosmic storm where roam fine fragments of melodies. It's a rather intense track which transpires Jerome Froese at full pores. When we see Streethawk on the back of the sleeve, lengthened to 9 minutes, it's obvious that we wait to hear it with as much curiosity as impatience. The intro brings us towards ambiospherical spheres where are dragging notes of guitar and piano mislaid in the furrows of some synth waves with Zen aromas. We re-know hardly the harmonies of Streethawk in these piano notes which suddenly rage of impatience. The musical adrenalin reaches our ears at the same time as we hear percussions hesitated to whip the beat. And Streethawk lifts off with the same magic on a rhythm cheered up by percussions and sequences a bit ahead of the rhythm of origin. The beat bears marvellously the harmonies and synth solos. The track plunges moreover in a duel of solos and heavy riffs before embracing the hesitations of its intro where Johannes Schmoelling's delicate piano is dreaming in a passage impatient to take back this symbolic rhythmic flight of the electronic harmonies of the Dream. Different, but this rush of adrenalin is nailing us to our listening.

After the wonderful Scored and the timid 100 001, Loom spreads its assurance with an EP which shows a strong complicity between their musical styles of which the rather contrasting approaches harmonize in an interesting duel of harmonies and rhythms. Whether it's the strong disjointed approach of Rejuvenation, the violence of Jet or still the reinterpretations of the works from the patriarch and from the trio that put him on the map, Loom shows a reassuring homogeneity deserving of the origins of Schmoelling, Froese and Waters. It's a pity to see that only 500 pressings were done and were sold that quickly, although I would verify at Ricochet Dream, because 200 002 is a solid EP which is the witness of the ambitious birth of a super band in modern EM.

Sylvain Lupari (October 15th, 2013) *****

Available at Groove Nl

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