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MAC of BIOnighT: Magnitude 01 (2022)

A cosmic vision with a very accessible vision, this album stands out in the very Berlin School universe of Mac

1 Magnitude part 01 3:04

2 Magnitude part 02 6:29

3 Magnitude part 03 2:04

4 Magnitude part 04 5:42

5 Magnitude part 05 2:50

6 Magnitude part 06 8:18

7 Magnitude part 07 5:23

(DDL 33:53) (V.F.)

(Cosmic EM)

Contrary to what one might think, Mac of BIOnight is not always composing or playing music. There are even good periods of time, weeks and even months, when he stays away from his instruments to work on other projects. Considering his huge catalog of albums and styles of electronic music (EM) that he has been releasing since the early 2000's, you might say that this is unthinkable? It is however his reality! As an example, he hadn't created any music for months when he found a reproduction of a software for string instruments, kind of the GForce synth. He started playing it and then BANG! Inspiration came back to him as if by magic. So he composed some pieces of music, not knowing yet what dimension he would give to it. It's while observing his paintings that the idea of making a connection with Cosmos came to him. Thus is formed this new musical project which will be presented in trilogy, the artworks having already been conceived, entitled MAGNITUDE. The universe is more cosmic than the usual Berlin School style of Jason Krueger who flirts here with the cosmic and especially the more accessible dimensions of Jean-Michel Jarre.

MAGNITUDE 01 begins in a very gentle way. A resonant wave covered with an orchestral envelope is already waving in a cosmic panorama. Magnitude part 01 drifts the vibrating effect of this astral wave among intergalactic effects. This short introductory title is not connected to the structure of Magnitude part 02, so it will be for the other 6 parts, of which the ample and slow oscillations buzz and twist in an ascending circular spiral. This sequenced suite structures an ambient rhythm that crawls with a fine organic membrane. Arpeggios begin to tinkle after the 90 second mark. This new element combines spherical rhythm and melody that swirls and hops along the zigzagging corridor of oscillations until the music meets a purely atmospheric phase some 60 seconds later. This is where a great structure of hyper-melodious electronic pop rock is born. JM-Jarre style. The rhythm is catchy with good bass pulsations, twirling arpeggios and sumptuous hyper melodious synth solos which are not without reminding the commercial visions of the musician-synthesist from France. Magnitude part 03 is part of these short interludes, there are 3 of them, which make a clear cut between the different cosmic orientations of this MAGNITUDE 01. Here, the structure proposes an undulating rhythm with fine jolts in a cosmic setting whose solos also have a tinge of extraterrestrial harmonies. This intonation of the synth extends all its charms in Magnitude part 04 whose lively oscillations of its introduction proposes an entraining electronic rhythm finely spasmodic. Hearing the arpeggios run briskly over the oscillating loops is a beautiful delight for the ears, but not so much as this luscious spectral melody that is creating a perfect musical itch that hovers over cosmic rock and its vintage tone. It's as accessible and effective as the second part of Magnitude part 02! Magnitude part 05 is another catchy track with arpeggios that flit nervously over the drive of 70's cosmic rock. The keyboard and the echo of its chords sound like a mixture of Alan Parsons Project and Pink Floyd post Roger Waters' years. Magnitude part 06 is the longest track on MAGNITUDE 01. Mac takes advantage of these 8 minutes to establish an evolving track that starts slowly with waves drifting in the cosmic vastitude. Stardust and tender lunar orchestrations give an aura of astral serenity to a music supported by a cloud of pensive violins. A bit like Magnitude part 02, the rhythm explodes in the second half. The structure is lively and knotted with jerks in a very catchy cosmic rock. Cosmic effects and good percussive elements complete the scenery dried of its synth solos. Magnitude part 07 offers a different texture of electronic rock that is slightly more convoluted than purely driving. Built on a sequence of sharp and heavy oscillations, this rhythm rolls along at a breakneck pace to receive its dose of synth solos with harmonies that recall the fascinating dimensions of The Outer Limits, a TV show in the 60's.

A cosmic EM conceived with a very accessible vision, MAGNITUDE 01 stands out in the very Berlin School universe of Mac of BIOnight. A new project, a new hat, Mac is not afraid to take up any challenge offered to him by a meeting of a third kind, either with the very retro tone of a strings component software.

Sylvain Lupari (September 9th, 2022) *****

Available at Mac of BIOnight Bandcamp

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11 de set. de 2022

Interesting comments and motivation to listen. I certainly will visit bandcamp. Congratulations Jason !

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