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MAX MILLION: Monogramma (2016)

Monogramma amazes by its subtle nuance between EDM and dark ambient that will adorn the soundscapes magination

1 Stellar 5:02 2 Monogramma 6:58 3 Oceanic 5:53 4 An Afterthought 8:02 5 We Eternal 1:17 Audiomodern | AM024

(CD 27:13) (V.F.) (EDM, cinematographic)

Quite lively with its percussions which plough a rhythm which reminds us something, attractive with its arpeggios which fly lightly in a contracted harmonious shape and intriguing with its short ambiospheric phases, Stellar begins this last Max Million's E.P. with an air of déjà heard. And if we dig farther, we recognize here the roots of The Rout of Ellipsis, released just 1 year ago on Afterimages. Clearly more in a cinema mode with atmospheres heavy and tinted of mysteries, MONOGRAMMA will amaze more than one with this subtle nuance between EDM and a music filled of taciturn ambiences which will decorate the multiple panoramic plans of our imagination. The Greek musician/producer enhances the psybient and psybeat kinds by breathing into it a good dose of atmospheres which sparkle between the 4 walls of our listening room or still in our neurons always on the lookout for a match to light our fantasies. Filled of static electricity and of sound elements as much intriguing as hard-hitting, this E.P. possesses all the ingredients to please those who have savored the last one from the Greek musician.

The title-track falls in our ears with the same uncertainty between the heaviness and the delicacy of Sub Strata, a very romantic and Mediterranean guitar in more. Until there, we are in lands of knowledge. We must wait for the soft and very poetic Oceanic before hearing something really new from Max Million, and thus enter in his film universe. It's very ambient with beautiful synth layers which abound of astral voices and in a multitude of effects which makes to work the sense of hearing. The title reaches a kind of climax a little after the 4th minute by stumbling over a heavy down-tempo painted by some jingles of chains. A very beautiful title of ambiences decorated with a soft melancholic guitar. The ears work a lot. Here, like on An Afterthought which rocks between phases of atmospheres and up-tempos, but with a darker envelope which exploits completely its pond of 8 minutes. We Eternal ends this last E.P. of Max Million with a short approach of ambiences worthy of fear movies.

Once again, my ears had a great time savoring the music of Max Million. If the first 2 titles have scents of déjà-heard, the 3 last ones on the other hand give another dimension to MONOGRAMMA, and by ricochet to the music of Greek guru of dance music. A dimension which transcends the kind and which les hope for beautiful signs in a style which seems became as unlimited as the progressive EM and of the Berlin School.

Sylvain Lupari (August 5th, 2016) *****

Available at Max Million Portfolio

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