• Sylvain Lupari

METCALF & SEELIG: Intention (2014)

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Intention is an album charmingly wild where Metcalf & Seelig lead the listener towards a territory full of transic meditation moods

1 Intention 22:33

2 Surrender 9:47

3 Encounter 15:59

4 Focus 11:11

5 Vision 9:51

Projekt | PRO303

(CD 69:22) (V.F.)

(Tribal trance acoustic music)

Hoarse winds, guttural breezes and shamanic singings are bloating the atmospheres of the title-track which rests above all on tom-toms to tones of hollow skins. The magnetic flute of Mark Seelig rises and sings a strange ode to serenity while quite slowly, and this with a suave mix of drones filled of Dantesque flights of fancy, INTENTION gets inside our ears such as a fascinating and unreal incantatory procession. Byron Metcalf's percussions turn upside down an opening rather meditative with tom-toms which tumble down with violence and push the title-track towards a rhythm of fire. It's a race against the contemplativity with a furious rhythm, a little as a choreography of heathen dancing on a blazing fire, where the vocal drones and the shamanic psalms of Rob Thomas and Dashmesh Khalsa intensify an ambience of collective frenzy that Mark Seelig tries to calm with fluty chants which will remain the hostages of percussions and harsh voices. What a disconcerting, both for the rhythm and moods, introduction for this last Byron Metcalf's opus. For his last album, the master of clanic percussions and the native spiritual ambiences teams up with the diverse aboriginal flutes of Mark Seelig as well as the breezes