• Sylvain Lupari

MOONBOOTER: Beyond the Neon Lights (2020)

Once again, Moonbooter succeeds to drag new fans in his EMD with closes links to Berlin School

1 Zeittunnel 5:41

2 Alone in Neon Light 4:58

3 First Time at Kings Castle 5:44

4 Big Disgrace 6:42

5 Sequential Moments 5:24

6 Einschlaf 5:30

7 Planet VHS 7:31

8 The Magic of Heroes 8:58

9 Fernweh 6:28

10 Goods Melody Part II 3:54

11 Don't cry my young Boy 7:20

MellowJet Records cdr-mb2002

(CD-R/DDL 68:15) (V.F.)

(EDM, E-Rock, New Berlin School)

Zeittunnel wastes no time getting into the EDM moods of BEYOND THE NEON LIGHTS. The rhythm is lively and the sound very heavy with percussions which jump from one ear to the other, involving a series of percussive elements which sparkle in accordance with the pleasure of our listening. The title is in pure dance mode with a sound fauna which is as lively as the strikes of percussions and with a strong dance synth-pop flavor that fills our ears to the deep. The sound of Moonbooter has changed since Groundcontrol and the Victory of Mankind! It's heavier, but also denser in these effects, making his EDM music and Techno sound noticeably tastier. But it depends for whom! It must be said straight out that this album has very clear commercial aims with titles such as Big Disgrace, Einschlaf and the very surprising Fernweh. There are also more vocals here, the vocoder and its lyrics are from Bernd Scholl, in addition to a track that is sung by Xanna, than in any other Moonbooter album. But the roots of the Berlin School are also much more present there, especially in the furious The Magic of Heroes