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MOONBOOTER: Elected Pieces 2012-2020 (2020)

This is this kind of a good compilation that gives you a very fair overview of the artist's styles of music

1 Last Exit Eternity 6:27

2 Spirit of Time 7:45

3 Schnurstraks 5:29

4 I Remembered Tomorrow 6:09

5 The Wave 4:53

6 Like Angels 4:21

7 The Orbit (Live Mix) 9:11

8 Earth Two 6:43

9 Satellite 5:56

10 Groundcontrol 8:48

11 Automode 7:28

(CD-R/DDL 73:12) (V.F.)

(EDM, Dance, New Berlin School)

There are questionable compilations and other ones that are necessary in order to discover an artist with a range as wide as that of Moonbooter. With nearly 30 albums to his credit and his style of compositions, short pieces which flirt between EDM, Electronica and the New Berlin School's electronic rock, Moonbooter is the kind of artist who can afford to offer compilations. Especially that he does not abuse of it! ELECTED PIECES 2012-2020 is the second compilation of Bernd Scholl's universe. In a 73-minute continuous musical mosaic, the German musician-DJ offers us 11 tracks taken from albums that cover this period. And unlike Elected Pieces (2004-2011), there is no remixed version, except for The Orbit (Live Mix). In return, friend Bernd enhances the sound of his music with the principle of analog EDM undertaken with Groundcontrol and the Victory of Mankind. The sound range is much higher with this 100% pure analog remastering.

I cannot compare the result with the melodious approach of Last Exit Eternity since I don't have this album. On the other hand, I recognize the signature of Moonbooter with an opening of rhythmic hesitation where the arpeggios and the sequences intertwine in a spheroidal structure. This union between melody and static rhythm is caressed by layers of violins. Grave chords fall and make resonate the moods of music conceived for dreaming while dancing softly. This melodious title has an intense cachet on a slow-tempo where the violin dominates. It's part of the Cosmophonica album, as well as the unbridled and very Trance rhythm of Like Angels. But you see, it picks my curiosity. I remember Spirit of Time very well, and of which this Tangerine Dream's electronic ballad approach wove a silky worm-ear in 2014. The difference is very sharp between the original and this remastered version which spits out a better precision in adjoining sound effects and ornaments. The sound is amplified significantly in this compilation which makes me think of Dream Mixes - Ultimate Edition from Jerome Froese. And it's in these moments of intensity that this analog remaster extends its power of novelty to our ears. A bit like Ian Boddy likes to do with his DiN's Index compilation albums, Moonbooter has knitted a musical mosaic by knitting good bridges between each title and by dosing well its different rhythmic visions.

Schnurstraks, from the album Zeitenwende, that I don't have either, makes the right connection between the White Eagle style ballad and the heavy rhythm of I Remembered Tomorrow. This good title from Cosmosonic is almost identical, except that it literally has its place in a compilation. The more we move forward in the years of production of the targeted albums, the less difference there is in the tonality. It then becomes a compilation album selected by the artist. The Wave, from the album of the same name, is an EDM hymn with a floating rhythm. The song of the Theramin is devilishly precise here. Earth Two, from Cosmoharmonics, fits these technoïd walks of Jean-Michel Jarre. Satellite isn't Schwarzmond's best title. It remains however a good electronic rock which has difficulties to extricate from its introduction to make us hear some really good synth solos. Moonbooter chooses not only according to the rhythms, but also of the elements which forge the melodies. Showing the skills that make of his music a rendezvous with his diversity. Ground Control is one of the good titles from Groundcontrol and the Victory of Mankind. And these explosions in order to sniff pure rock are as good here as on the original album. Automode, from Still Alive, is one of the titles that benefits the most of this remastering, for 6 years separate both versions. It's a good catchy down-tempo which is tinged by a very Tangerine Dream sound from the Miramar years. The rhythm is delightfully bumpy and offers to our ears these percussions stolen from the tail of a rattlesnake, as well as a soft cosmic melody whistled by a dreamy synth.

ELECTED PIECES 2012-2020 is a good compilation that can give you a very fair taste of the Moonbooter universe. The sound is more powerful! Yes, but that doesn't affect the spirit of the music, nor the moods and melodies that make Bernd Scholl's dance rhythms much more passionate than many artists. Intelligent dance music made with soul and passion that is offered on CD-r and HQ download, the option I chose.

Sylvain Lupari (May 12th, 2020) ****¼*

Available at Mellow-Jet Records

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