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Moonbooter Orbit Number 2 DVD (2006)

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

A great DVD 5.1 Dolby that hits harder than the CD

1 Genesis Device 14:10

2 Out of Silence 8:53

3 Orbit Number 2 10:16

4 Core (space mix) 8:36

5 Antagonism 7:15

6 Illusion (sky mix) 10:32

7 Free from Dawn (long version) 6:02

8 Hymne de la Lune 8:14

9 As time goes by 6:39

10 Orgasmik 10:33

MellowJet DVD-R-MB0602

(DVD 90:00) (V.F.)

(EDM, Techno, Berlin School)

The space and the borders of galaxies are the bases of an imagination overflowing with science fiction, with unrealism. This fascination has spread to different artistic levels, including literature, cinema and music. Especially EM. Moonbooter is the kind of musician who is particularly fond of space and its secrets. Pushing the limits of his imagination, he has modulated ORBIT NUMBER 2 like a vast musical preamble highlighting the history of man and his spatial evolution. Presented in 10 missions, ORBIT NUMBER 2- DVD is a tribute to the pioneers of space and their space explorations. The music is entirely in 5.1 surround with almost 17 minutes extra regarding the CD. Even more precise and powerful music that reflects the atmosphere of the CD with archival footage from a distant time when everything was in black and white with blurred visual waves. The artistic contrast is astonishing, while blending perfectly with the synchronism of the DVD unfolding. The images come from NASA, and some are unpublished, while others come from different sources, including animations made on software. The result is simple, yet effective. The music!? All that's missing is Haka. Bernd Scholl takes the MP3 versions of the CD; Core (Space Mix), Free from Dawn (long version) and Orgasmik. Illusion becomes Illusion (sky mix). In a DVD format with 5.1 surround, the force of the music is titanic. Based on a subject eroded by documentary wear and tear, Moonbooter captivates with music that he brings to life. Music that gravitates between strange rhythmic crossroads versus images showing the action of cosmonauts in weightlessness on images scuffed by the wear of time. Besides this fight between the modern and the old time is quite exquisite.

ORBIT NUMBER 2- DVD! A great DVD that hits harder than the CD!

Sylvain Lupari (October 31st, 2007) *****

Available at Mellow-Jet Records

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