• Sylvain Lupari

Moonbooter Reminiscence (2022)

Updated: Nov 16

Moonbooter has changed and is yet not really far from his musical values

1 Me in the Mirror 7:08

2 Time Traveler 7:01

3 Who am I? 9:25

4 Motherland 7:14

5 Tribute to Climax 8:01

6 Mystic Sunset 7:10

7 Remember the Neon Lights 6:03

8 Me in the Mirror (reprise) 4:08

9 Extraordinary 5:36

10 The Reticence of Dreams 6:31

11 Goodbye my Friend 6:20

MellowJet Records cdr-mb2201

(CD(r)/DDL 74:42) (V.F.)

(EDM, E-Rock, New Berlin School)

There was a time I thought that Bernd Scholl would put a definitive end to his career as a musician, as well as the owner of the label MellowJet Records. There was the pandemic, which reduced his work by a lot, and the end of the shows, which were a very important activity in the development of Moonbooter. And then, the terrible floods that hit his city in July 2021, wiping out his house and studios. Already after the release of his last album, Beyond the Neon Lights, in October 2020, the German musician-synthesist and producer put his career on hold in order to do an introspection on his life. He felt the need to get out of his Moonbooter persona to spend more time with his loved ones and family as well as for himself. It wasn't until the beginning of April 2022 that he turned on his synthesizers and his desire to write music again. Again, he wanted to create something different! However, REMINISCENCE is not really far from the musical values that propelled Moonbooter to the forefront of electronic music (EM) in a form of creative dance and rock hymns. However, there is a slight difference in the intonation of the rhythms, which are less wild, leaving more room for the beautiful harmonious prints that have always tied me to Bernd's music.