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Moonbooter Teralogica (2005)

This is may not be Berlin School as you know it, but we feel its roots in the sequencer's lines of rhythms and the synthesizer solos

1 First Sunset (7:44)

2 Strandmusique (5:01)

3 Let there be Music (5:46)

4 Water Melody (5:02)

5 Under the Surface (5:35)

6 Analog Bubbles (5:57)

7 Wind blows (7:19)

8 Burning for You (4:48)

9 Beachjam (6:03)

10 Wrong Order (5:19)

11 Orgasmik (7:57)

SynGate CD-R 2066

(CD-R/DDL 66:52) (V.F.)

(New Berlin School, EDM, IDM)

Syngate has the art of finding beautiful little hidden talents; Erik Seifert, Dorian, Certamen, Head Heart & Soul and many others I don't know yet. All artists who have one point in common; the passion of EM! Is it still Berlin School? Frankly I'm not quite convinced. The categories, sub-divisions and sub-genres connected to EM are so similar and contradictory at the same time that it is confusing. But the important thing is EM! With synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines! And here we have a 65-minute cd-r of melodious and energetic music. What a good time! TERALOGICA is an album from Bernd Scholl (not to be confused with the other Bernd Scholl who makes a music more floating) or Moonbooter. A newcomer who has years of experience on the German techno scene. An artist who likes it when it moves, when it knocks out the senses. Unless you're just fond of ambient music, there's no big flaw in TERALOGICA that combines rhythms of lead and catchy harmonies.

First Sunset is a very good melody. The kind of thing that sticks to the ear with a piano that enchants us on a good heavy bass line and silky percussions that slam with discernment. A lightweight title that has punch with beautiful synthesized momentums. Strandmusique follows with dynamism. An aggressive title that hits with a heavy rhythmic bass. Behind this rhythm of hell, and these percussions that roll and roll, a melody twirls and walks with the variations of the sequencer. Another silky thing that hooks, especially when the strings section gets in to give it more depth. Let There Be Music connects with an electronic voice on a beat reflecting on an echo background. Another stamping beat that is pushed by a bass line and its dance floor essence. Water Melody is representative of its title. A sweet melody that begins on a seabed of waves full of romance and tenderness. The melancholic piano is joined by a Kitaro synth and a guitar layer, giving a cosmic ballad effect. It's beautiful and it relaxes us while being close to the limits of New Age. The Kitaro synth is sublime, as are the arrangements. Under the Surface takes back the rhythmic measures. The beginning is cute with bass beats that roll in loops. The percussions come to increase the pace that the synths envelop, giving thus more richness and depth to this tempo that rolls in loops in the echo of the synth riffs. Analog Bubbles continues on a pace just as nervous. Hesitant, the notes progress on a subdued background by a subtle echo effect. After the first phase, the beat is activated a little more on slamming percussions. Everything takes then place to structure a rhythm supported by a game of metal synth and a good nervous bass line.

Wind Blows is one of the good titles of this album. The tempo is suspended and surrounded by sound effects, including a beat of percussion that comes alive more and more. The rhythm progresses on a good bass and a synth that accentuates its range through its different textural variations. Which gives an ambiospheric flow quite different from the furious rhythms that we find throughout TERALOGICA. The rhythm breaks on a superb appearance of the piano which is melodiously divine. It's an accessible style that catches us on first listen. Here too, the arrangements are very good. Burning for You lulls us on a sober rhythm and a feminine voice that does contrast in this metallic universe. The atmosphere is sensual and it's the kind of thing that could play on radio. Beachjam embraces a jazz style. Rather light, the rhythm stretches on a hypnotic mode that notes of saxophone and guitar come to embellish. Under an intro where the vaporous percussions predominate, the slow and bewitching rhythm of Wrong Order goes around and round with an evasive synthesizer under its Arabian violin tunes. Orgasmik comes out of its cocoon sweetly. Its rhythmic vision is hesitant with a good bass line waiting for the signal. Gently, the sound strobe effect starts, and the techno rhythm breaks on a sublime orchestral veiled descent breeze of the synth. Orgasmik ends TERALOGICA with an overexcited approach that moves constantly in a form of techno/EDM delirium that plays on a rhythm of lead. The music ends with a message from Bernd Scholl who invites us to visit his website.

I was pleasantly surprised by TERALOGICA and the work of Moonbooter. This is not Berlin School, but we feel its roots in the sequencer's lines of rhythms and the synthesizer solos. It's an album that has prestance and is at the limits of techno. Each title has a melody, and each melody stands out from the others. I found it accessible, lively and quite melodious. Make yourself happy and play it at high volume, to let yourself be enveloped, carried away by music.

Sylvain Lupari (July 15th, 2006) ***½**

Available at MellowJet Records

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