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MYTHOS: Live (1989)

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

This LIVE is a small single of a dozen minutes as explosive as melodious that gives us the chance to hear an energetic Mythos

1 Skateboard Dynamite 4:40

2 Safari 3:14

3 Highland Parade 4:45

Hits & Fun MS 409

(Single 12:29) (V.F.)


This is a nice surprise that Mythos fans were no longer waiting for! Recorded in 1990 this LIVE is a small single of a dozen minutes as explosive as melodious. It gives us the chance to hear an energetic Mythos which rocks down the house with 3 heavy, rhythmic and highly electronic tracks. This is the start of the electronic adventure of Stephan Kaske's new project.

A brief buzzing initiates a catchy spasmodic sequence accompanied by a synth with Hispanic tones. Unbridled percussions and sustained sequences, Skateboard Dynamite is the faithful reflection of its title with a frenzied rhythm propelled by good electronic percussions and a big bass with a techno scent. The harmonious and ambience sides are dominated by sharp synths which stick to the works of Mark Shreeve in Legion. A big very heavy E-Rock which flies over the crowd and continues to hammer the rhythm with big percussive pulsations on Safari. This time it's a techno rock beat with punchy synths on a heavy and biting bassline hopping in a sea of ​​percussive sound effects. We change register with a heavy and hypnotic rhythm on a James Bond's sound structure with Highland Parade. This good inspired techno is sure to please Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode enthusiasts. On fascinating metallic pulsations, ducked by brief peal passages, Highland Parade rolls on a lively structure and a greedy bass line whose twists oversize the hypnotic structure of rhythm. It's a catchy track with its waves and lines of synth to the crystalline sounds which amazes even more with its finale filled of bagpipes' tones.

Discontinued since a very long time, this LIVE EP of a handful of 12 minutes quickly became a collector's item that sells for a high price in the circle of Mythos fans and more particularly of this period when Stephan Kaske undertook the conquest of the EM market which is very strong in Germany. It must also be said that it was the period of the second wind, that of MIDI, which saw EM take a more commercial bend. This is the strength of this mini-mini E.P.! Rare were EM's works so melodious in a rhythmic approach with such potential. The only one that comes to my mind is Mark Shreeve's Legion which will be produced 4 years later. Visionary and an excellent composer, Mythos' new adventure was shaping up to be one of the best. Too bad, because LIVE is still untraceable. Maybe one day…

Sylvain Lupari (March 19th, 2008) *****

Out of print...

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