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MYTHOS (M.A.S.S.): Mysteria (2006)

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

This is a colossal work with 3 CD loaded of an EM built on rhythms above another without any atmospheric or psychedelic delirium

CD 1

1 Karakuri 6:17

2 Metrosexual Zone 7:40

3 You Are Evil 11:57

4 Hawai Iniki 14:36

5 Ev’rybody Out There 12:44

CD 2

1 Adrenalin Hunters 8:44

2 Ceep Kool Tonite 10:00

3 Dynamic Relaxation 14:28

4 Easy Rotations 10:22

5 Flightseeing 10:24

CD 3

1 Passione Totale 9:49

2 Mythomorphosis 9:17

3 Pimp Your Guitar 6:19

4 Fourthreetwoone 13:07

5 Kirikaeshi 14:20

2006, Membran 224083-372

(CD 160:04) (V.F.)

(Gothic Electronic Rock)

Mythos is a myth, a legend in Germany. Formed in the late 1960s by man-orchestra Stephan Kaske, Mythos was one of the first groups to sign on the prestigious OHR label in 1969. A label specializing in psychedelic, progressive music and Krautrock. Inspired by psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis and Iron Butterfly, Stephen Kaste and his trio's mates; Harald Weisse (bass) and Thomas Hildebrand (percussions), produced their first fairly psychedelic albums with flutes and acoustic movements. Subsequently the trio takes a more hard rock tangent with Strange Guys. In 1980, 8 years after their first album, Stephan Kaske undertook his solo career with the name of Mythos to try a more progressive and electronic approach with Quasar. From 72 to 80, Stephen Kaste has produced 5 albums, always seeking to go further. Like here with MYSTERIA that he made under the moniker of M.A.S.S.! This triple CD box is made up of 5 tracks on each CD, the length of which is 53 minutes on each of the 3 CDs. Mystery or coincidence or just a simple observation? No matter how much I look for other clues, to try to pin down the mystery, if there is a mystery, surrounding a title and a presentation structure so closely linked. I found nothing… MYSTERIA!

If I didn't find a mystery, I discovered great music hhere. Rich and very harmonious music. A mix of progressive rock and electronic music, but different EM than what we are used to hearing. There are no such long atmospheric intros as there is no bridge of cosmic atmospheres, nor spatial effects. No improvised segments, nor long and sinuous synth solos which stretch the length of the titles and neither atmospheric pauses and/or empty passages. Everything is structured, everything is thought out. Each title is built on rhythmic constructor sequencers supported by percussions, a good and powerful bass as well as sound effects which add power and curiosity to the rhythmic structures. The synths paint soundscapes with good harmonies creating impulses in constant evolution on modulatory sequences with secondary melodies which make the transitions between the permutations. This sometimes gives a few lengths, animated by percussions and sound effects which bathe the wait. Each title seems to have been meticulously passed through an auditory microscope, where each flaw is corrected, each softness is rectified. Each title is well polished, well adapted and there are no gaps. It's like if Stephan Kaske would have taken weeks, months to work on his music. An artist constantly polishing his work. The percussions are incredibly well fleshed out. I don't remember having heard such percussions on an EM album. They reorient the rhythms or modify the structures by heavy or incisive hammering. At the electronic level, Stephan Kaske doesn't abuse. There are a few solos here and there, the most punchy being a guitar solo on Pimp Your Guitar, but the electronic instruments remain the cornerstone.

Navigating between German progressive rock and EM of the same essence, MYSTERIA remains a colossal work. Imagine; 3 CDs and over 150 minutes of rhythmic music, without atmospheric or psychedelic delirium. A sublime box set where Mythos offers us 15 titles that move and breathe creativity. Good progressive rock drowned in melodious synths with arrangements, veils of melodies and sound effects that marry the shapes and structures of his composer. I was pleasantly surprised by this sparkling box set dedicated for those who love music.

Sylvain Lupari (January 1st, 2007) *****

Available everywhere on the Web

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