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MYTHOS: Meditation: Sound of Silence & Harmony (1994)

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Between Oldfield and Stearns, this is more than a meditative music album which hides bewitching harmonies

1 Stalactite Galactite 12:22

2 Along The Legendary Silk Road 9:04

3 Scottish Highland Golf 9:56

4 An Evening Round The Fire 9:38

5 Dive Deep 13:06

Art & Music CD20.1662

(CD 53:48) (V.F.)

(Meditative New Age)

No matter what kind of music he makes, Mythos always stays faithful to his musical signature. From 1995 to 2000, the German synthesist came out of his Krautrock and industrial electronic rock adventure to touch the scent of less adventurous music. A meditative music that many artists have exploited with a form of spiritual emptiness without rhythmic life form which became the cradle of the New Age. Except that Mythos being Mythos, MEDITATION: SOUND OF SILENCE & HARMONY transcends the nonsense of the New Age with a very colorful music where the harmonies are molded to orchestrations and arrangements which depict the musical research which is the prerogative of Mythos.

Thus, Stalactite Galactite is a slow spiritual journey through a huge cave from which droplets of water escape from a stigmatized limestone ceiling. Artificial drops that mingle with the chords of a harp with oceanic sonority, of which the echo shapes an unreal ticking in the abyssal depths of a cave with big sounds waves. Sometimes light, sometimes dramatic, Stalactite Galactite represents a gentle immersion in an astral adventure, a bit like Steve Roach. Along the Legendary Silk Road is bathed in a Chinese ambience. But beyond the Tibetan bells, the guitars of moons and the dreamlike flutes, Along The Legendary Silk Road is a rather realistic musical journey where we guess the dangers and windings of the mountainous routes that the adventurers had to accomplish, defying the vertiginous escarpments. which appear under a synth with dramatic breaths. Scottish Highland Golf is a superb Mike Oldfield style track where the bagpipe melancholy sticks to a synth with strata as intense as they are sharp. A slow walk towards the heights of the Scottish cliffs which takes place in a redemptive sound torment. It's beautiful and intense, just like An Evening Round The Fire which slowly deploys its heavy synth layers, whose undulations with composite sounds imprison the fiery embers of the flames which crackle in the twilight. A nice lunar symphony whose caustic breaths and elegant synth impulses recall the sound excursions of Michael Stearns. Soarings of an enveloping and astral synth that we also find on Dive Deep which closes this contemplative immersion with good layers that resonate to the confines of the oceans. Desertic oceans with the scent of the beautiful Western Spaces from Steve Roach, Thom Brennan and Kevin Braheny.

MEDITATION: SOUND OF SILENCE & HARMONY is more than just an album of ambient and meditative music. It's an intense musical journey which oscillates between the bewitching harmonies of more melancholy Mike Oldfield and the slow morphic and enveloping layers of Michael Stearns while flirting with the approach of the astral landscapes of Steve Roach. A good album where Mythos spreads his melancholy on a music where meditation is done in stormy and dramatic synth waves as sensitive as sensory.

Sylvain Lupari (February 19th, 2007) *****

Available at Mythos Music

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