• Sylvain Lupari

NAGLE & HOWARD: The Species Gap (2021)

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

We dance like we think on structures that take us beyond surprises

1 RR173H 8:04

2 moments_in_methane 5:49

3 encounter 7:18

4 deep & weird 4:37

5 critters! 3:54

6 exotic_enzymes 6:06

7 the_zap 8:47

8 cloud_harvest 6:01

9 dilemma & resolution 5:20

10 the_species_gap 7:01

11 an_ending 3:54

Groove nl GR-320

(CD/DDL 66:57) (V.F.)

(EM on Buzz)

The electronic stutterings responsible for the opening of RR173H get tangled up in a kind of stationary Funk with a psychedelic-organic vision. The chirps of the twirling chords get sticking to a bass-pulsing line, giving a rubbery vitality to the first two minutes of this track that introduces us to SPECIES GAP. Minimalist and knotted around keen oscillations, the rhythm invites percussions and the tssitt-tssitt of cymbals to redirect it towards a fusion between electronic rock (E-Rock) and electronic dance music (EDM) always decorated with its psychedelic Funk finery. RR173H sets the tone for a new album by Paul Nagle inspired by another short story from Matt Howard, the same one that inspired David Wright's beautiful album The Lost Colony. Both artists have a very particular style that often defies the limits of imagination. We look at the cover of this new album produced by Groove nl and we immediately understand in which universe our ears will dip the tip of the lobe. Available in manufactured CD and in download,