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NATTEFROST: Vejen til Asgård (E.P. 2004)

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

This is for Nattefrost fans!

1 Urskovens ansigt/The face of the virgin forest 2:46

2 Hvor guderne vogter/Where the gods are watching 4:13

3 Gravhøjens gand/The magic of the burial mound 5:58

4 I en svunden tid/In a past time 4:45

5 Norrøn/Nordic 5:40

6 Vejen til Asgård/The road to Asgard 4:16

(CD-R 27:41) (V.F.)

(EM, Ambient, movie themes)

Always inspired by Scandinavian mythology, Nattefrost presents a short EP that includes a superb video which is a cross between De Som Sejrede and Absorbed In Dreams And Yearning. I say at the crossroads because while respecting his atmospheric approach to intriguing, floating shadows Bjorn Jeppesen leans on his sequencer and offers us some pretty powerful short tracks, to the delight of my ears and I hope for yours too.

Urskovens ansigt embraces the fragrance of De som sejrede. The rhythm is slow and a thin, barely perceptible sequence moves the track forward on floating strings. After the well-known Hvor guderne vogter which has a more subdued tone here, Gravhøjens gand develops on big round sequences that roll at a hellish pace. Heavy, the sequencer line supports the layers of an obscure synth, while the cadence gets lost in its atmospheric breaths. Although lighter and more nervous, Norrøn follows the same structure. I en svunden tid is a beautiful, dark melody that moves forward with an enveloping and intriguing synthesizer. Vejen til Asgård ends this E.P. on the same lines as the opening track, but with a heavier cadence but only slightly faster. The sequence loops over a Scandinavian poem recited on a vocoder. This is for Nattefrost's fans! We look for it on Groove nl.

Sylvain Lupari (August 10th, 2006) ***½**

Available at Groove nl

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