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Nord Hydra (2016)

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

“Hydra is the perfect album for those fans of retro Berlin School who like long sonic vessels which lead them to a passive listening”

1 Hydra Part 1-5 28:06 2 Hydra Part 6-10 30:50 Nord Music

(DDL 58:56) (V.F.) (Berlin School)

It's with a delicate sound wave which makes the synth lines to float in a kind of astral ballet that is opening the 1st part of HYDRA, the very first album of Nord to start the year 2016. Built around 2 long music pieces which evolve with slowness, this 16th album of Sztakics István Attila possesses all the attributes which will please the fans of retro Berlin School who desire a passive listening. Because everything of HYDRA evolves in passive mode.

Hydra Part 1-5 begins with these floating lines where bind electronic noises, as well as languishing solos which bury some fine low pulsations. These pulsations set up the rhythmic perimeters, whereas the noises become more cosmic and the juicy solos more ethereal. Moreover, these synth solos shine all over the first 10 minutes of Hydra Part 1-5. The title dives into a mini amorphous phase before resuscitating with sequences which wave in fine harmonious thin lines in a cosmic envelope. That sounds like some good old Software. Like those long titles of the vintage years, the two long chapters here evolve between phases of rhythms and intersidereal atmospheres where the electronic and cosmic effects are used as decoration to exchanges more or less intensified. Without finding really an explosive outcome, the rhythmic phases of Hydra Part 1-5 are more in ambient modes with momentums of sequences which advocate more the flickering phases with beginnings of cosmic rock and of morphic techno which bring constantly the listener on an excitement which will not know any nirvana. Like a coitus interruptus ceaselessly! Hydra Part 6-10 is also constructed on these waverer phases. The difference lives in the tones. The first 18 minutes are delicious with movements of sequences which make a kind of bridge between those of Tangerine Dream, period Hyperborea, and Mergener/Weisser, period Beam-Scape. The remaining 12 minutes disperse a long horizon of atmospheres with beautiful cosmic arrangements from where arise rests of rhythms buried in this dense wall of sonic contemplativity. Except for the finale, which is a little as that of Hydra Part 1-5, where pulsations try to wake these atmospheres in an approach of techno for Zombies marinated in ether. And as I wrote it before, this album is the perfect match to those fans of retro Berlin School who wish a passive listening. Because everything here evolves in apathetic mode. This is good floating EM to discover again.

Sylvain Lupari (September 25th, 2016) ***½**

Available at Nord Bandcamp

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